Blue Card Registration of 61 thousand 868 Boats Made

The blue card of a thousand boats was registered
The blue card of a thousand boats was registered

By the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, 61 thousand 868 boats were registered with blue cards and their waste was followed.

As the world rapidly increasing in Turkey, and to combat a common problem that begins marine pollution, to take additional measures against polluting ships and ships that were released in order to prevent sourced marine pollution, "Maritime Waste Implementation" on the circular, ship waste was under strict monitoring.

With the circular, the Ship Waste Tracking System and the Blue Card System applications used for the management of the wastes originating from the ships were updated and merged in a single application under the name of "Maritime Waste Application (DAU)", thereby reducing bureaucracy.

In addition, by combining the applications, the obligations to have a blue card with the boat owners along with physical transactions such as waste transfer form and blue card printing transactions were removed, and the records were transferred to digital media.

Paper and plastic card usage was eliminated by ensuring that the transactions are carried out digitally and simultaneously followed online.


Last year, the ships navigating in the territorial waters of Turkey 315 thousand 325 cubic meters of petroleum and petroleum-derived waste, 85 thousand 413 thousand 163 cubic meters and 989 cubic meters of sewage sent for disposal of solid waste taken.

The whole process from the delivery of ship wastes and cargo residues to the waste reception facility or waste reception ships and sending them to disposal is monitored instantly and online by the Ministry and authorized institutions and organizations with the “Maritime Waste Application”. Thus, it is aimed to prevent marine pollution that may arise from ships.

The Blue Card System, which aims to monitor the wastes of small marine vehicles such as yachts and boats outside the scope of the Marpol Convention, started to be carried out completely online under the "Marine Waste Application". Boat owners can now go to the nearest coastal facility and register for the system free of charge.

Since the system was put into use, the wastes have been followed up by recording blue cards by the coastal facilities such as the marina, the fishermen's shelter and waste reception ships and 61 boats.


All solid wastes, including bilge water, other petroleum derivatives, lavatory and toilet waters, and plastic, are in the scope of the circular. With the circular, a restriction was imposed on the delivery time of these wastes.

After leaving the port, on the same day, it was obliged to give commercial, sports, touristic and fishing vessels returning to the port and deliver their wastes to the Blue Card System, the operation, waste reception facility or waste receiving vessel within 48 hours of returning to the port.

Sea vehicles that do not have any equipment to produce waste other than waste engine oil were excluded from the scope of the circular. With this, it is aimed to impose fines and prevent victimization to marine vehicles such as small fishing boats.

As the size of the ship increases, the amount of administrative penalty will also increase

With recent changes to the Environmental Law, fines have been greatly increased.

For example, a ship of 750 gross tons discharging solid wastes or discharging domestic wastewater, despite having a blue card, will be fined approximately 115 thousand liras.

If this ship does not have a blue card, the penalty will be 137 thousand 109 pounds. As the ship's size, its gross, increases, the corresponding amount of administrative fines will increase.

22 thousand 109 lira administrative fines will be given to boats, yachts and similar sea vehicles that have not registered with a blue card.

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