Bayraktar TB2 UAV Detected Fires Under Control

Bayraktar TB detected a tender fires were taken under control
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Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, today said he is fighting fire across 12 locations in Turkey, "All I can say as of now time that all fires under control. All of them continue their cooling activities. ” said.

Pakdemirli, who examined the efforts to extinguish a forest fire in Eceabat district of Çanakkale, later made statements to journalists.

Stating that the forestry organization is interfering with 6 agricultural fires today, Minister Pakdemirli said, “1 in 1 in Isparta, 1 in İzmir, 1 in Kahramanmaraş, 2 in Kastamonu, 1 in Elazığ, 5 in Kütahya, 12 in Çanakkale. fire was fought on the ground. ” used the expression.

Pakdemirli reported that they have intervened in 1 forest fires and 136 rural fires in the past week.


Bekir Pakdemirli reminded that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) started to be used this year and said, “We have benefited from UAVs in the detection of 62 fires in the last week. We got serious and good results from the UAVs we started as a trial and we continue to get them. ” shared his knowledge.

Mentioning that they intervened in the fires in Çanakkale with 2 planes, 10 helicopters, 57 plotters, 5 dozers and 230 personnel, Pakdemirli emphasized that they were worried about fire in many places at the same time.

Minister Pakdemirli said that he quickly got to the region with senior officials and said:

“The first response of the fire at Lapseki Adatepe at 14.30 is at 14.42 and unfortunately we have lost 1,2 hectares. This fire appears to be under control and due to stubble. We received the first fire in 15.01 at the Eceabat center. This fire was intervened at 15.10 and 5 hectares seem to be missing. 3 hectares of this are agricultural land and 2 hectares of forest area. This fire is also under control and unfortunately, a fire from the spark that the baler throws. In this fire that broke out in the central village of Kemel and received the first notice at 15.02 and intervened within 5 minutes, an area under 1 decare was burned. The earlier you intervene, the faster the result is possible. Unfortunately, this fire is due to stubble. The fire that broke out in the central Yukariokcular village, this came out of the baler. We received the notice at 15.02 hours and made the first intervention at 15.12 and we lost a total of 2 hectares. This is completely under control.

While these fires continued, we received information about a fire from Edirne Keşan. This is a fire that leaps from the burning of a vehicle into the forest. This is the first warning at 15.05, a fire that we lost about 15.17 hectares, which started with our first intervention at 0,5, and is still under control. As of the hour, I can say that all fires are under control. All of them continue their cooling activities. ”


Pointing out that the cause of the fire was 90 percent human error, Pakdemirli pointed out that it is extremely important for citizens to report these fires to the “ALO 177” line.

Bekir Pakdemirli said, “In this region, we lost our brother Talat Göktepe regional manager in 1994. Yesterday was his death anniversary. Today we are here again on the occasion of a fire. The institution that gives the most martyrs after the military and the police is the forest organization. In this sense, I want to draw attention to fires again. Because we are not only wasting time, money, but also martyrs in their struggle.

We had 2 martyrs recently in İzmir Bayındır and we had 2 injured. Unfortunately, we lost our brother Sedat Sagun today. He got the mercy of Hakk. Today, we have 3 injured in fires in this region (Çanakkale). The condition of the injured is good. These friends were injured due to stones bouncing off the waters thrown from the plane. Their general condition is extremely good. They are kept in the hospital for control purposes. ” spoke in the form.


Pakdemirli, who conveyed the wishes of the wounded "Get well soon", added that especially the citizens who spend the weekend outside should be very careful while using the forests.

Minister Pakdemirli was accompanied by Bekir Karacabey, General Director of Forestry, Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş, Çanakkale Regional Director of Forestry Enver Demirci, and Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site President İsmail Kaşdemir.

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