Regulation from IMM to Electric Scooter Rental Systems

Arrangement from ibb to electric scooter rental systems
Arrangement from ibb to electric scooter rental systems

IMM brings regulations to electric skateboard (e-scooter) rental systems. The arrangement covers both the agencies that provide rental services and the users of electric skateboards. The directive will be discussed at the UKOME meeting on July 23.

The electric skateboard (e-scooter) rental system, the use of which is increasing day by day in Istanbul, is being regulated. IMM Department of Transportation, determination of the rules in this area and a legal infrastructure of the service provided. kazanHe prepared a directive for the purpose. The draft directive, which was also shared with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, was sent to the subcommittee as a result of the meeting held at UKOME. The "Electric Skateboard Sharing Systems Directive", which has been amended and finalized in line with the opinions of the sub-committee members, will be discussed at the UKOME meeting to be held on 23 July.

Participatory method was followed

The draft directive prepared by the IMM Directorate of Transportation was prepared by presenting it to many stakeholders in accordance with the principle of participation. Accordingly, a draft text was sent to the firms operating in the sector, transportation experts academicians and non-governmental organizations, and a return was requested.

What the directive brings

The Directive provides support and a legal infrastructure for the electric skateboard sharing sector, as it is both an employment area and opportunities that can contribute to R&D and domestic production. kazanwas prepared for the purpose. The Directive brings comprehensive regulations for users, operators and the public interest. The directive, which imposes many security obligations for companies, aims to increase the quality of the service that users receive.

Together with the directive, IMM will license the companies serving in this field by registering them. The directive, which requires every electric skateboard to have an identification number visible from all directions, prepares the infrastructure for the detection of violated skateboard users and reporting to the relevant units.

The directive obliges the business owners to equip many technological features, such as the tipping sensor of the skateboard they serve. Thanks to the tipping sensor, it is also compulsory to contact the users who have had an accident immediately and to receive an emergency assistance request. Another arrangement for the operator will be to provide clear information to the users on issues such as charging status and range.

Alcohol skateboarding, behaviors that will endanger pedestrians, and the directive that imposes parks that prevent pedestrian flow, also include the obligation for operators to train users on mobile discipline.

Along with the Directive, a mass information campaign will be requested at least once a year in order to develop and settle the driving culture.

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