Good News of 5 New Funicular Line from İmamoğlu

New funicular line news from imamogl
New funicular line news from imamogl

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, the construction of the F4 Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, the construction of which was stopped during the previous administration, resolved the financial problems and restarted it. Emphasizing that they are producing projects to bring the people of Istanbul together with the sea, İmamoğlu gave the good news of 5 new lines. Saying, “We need to get people to the sea and enable them to use it,” İmamoğlu said, “In this sense, we have a project between Anadolu Hisarı and Küçüksu. We will connect Aşiyan there with Küçüksu – Kandilli piers. We will ensure that this line, which connects upwards from Aşiyan, connects with other points from the Bosphorus, again. We are still working on the funicular point. Again, project studies on five different funicular lines such as Tophane – Şişhane, Avcılar E5 – Avcılar İDO, Kavacık – Çubuklu, İTÜ – İstinye, Altunizade – Çengelköy continue within our body.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) resolved the financial problems and restarted the works on the F7 Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, the construction of which was started on June 2017, 4 by the previous administration, but stopped after a while. The event organized for the re-production of the line, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlutook place with the participation of To İmamoğlu at the event; Czechia Istanbul Consul General Jiri Cistecky, Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç and İBB senior management accompanied him. İmamoğlu, who received technical information about the line from Pelin Alpkökin, Head of IMM Rail Systems Department, started his speech with the following words:


“We are in one of the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus. We are at the crossroads of Sarıyer and Beşiktaş. This is the finular line between Rumelihisarüstü Aşiyan. We are making the beginning of this. I wouldn't want to make this start like this. It is not my style. Because a project should be designed in the best way. The most correct choices should be made. Then, the financing model of such projects should be clarified so that no institutions and organizations experience any problems. If this is achieved, the last part of the work remains; tender. Meeting with the institution that will manufacture the most accurate with a transparent tender. Here, we complain especially about the financing part. These processes are not well planned in this sense and unfortunately they have suffered and suffered. I wish we hadn't done so, I wish we wouldn't need to plan such a ceremony for the start of the day, planning the repayment of the underground subways, planning the payment plan. This is not true. But I have to inform the society as well. When we consider the manufacturing and design process of this 800-meter-long line, which is especially necessary for vehicle manufacturing, about 11 - 12 months, we set ourselves as the target for October 2021. We will commission this line. Hopefully, this line will have a carrying capacity of 6 thousand passengers per hour in two directions.


Emphasizing that the future of Istanbul is the metro, Imamoglu shared the following information about the ongoing works:
“Now we want to plan this well and introduce a holistic method of public transport to Istanbulites. Establishing the 1,5-rail system, especially in the next 5 years, is a valuable target for us. We need to know Istanbul, to concentrate all together, to keep the concentration of my managers at the highest level in this sense, and to put this process into action quickly. We overcame the financing and technical problems of these lines and accelerated their construction. Two lines are important here. First; Kabataş- Beşiktaş- Mecidiyeköy- Mahmutbey Metro Line. Mecidiyeköy- Mahmutbey Line can be considered as the first part of this section. We were going to open it on May 19, but the fact that the team, which came from abroad and started to operate the electromechanical part of this period due to the pandemic, returned to their own country, slightly extended the process. We want to train the Mecidiyeköy- Mahmutbey Line, which will begin to concentrate on September, to the period of the population of Istanbul. This line will also be the line that will ease the transportation axle concentrated on our E-5. We are talking about the line that will carry serious density.

Eminönü-Eyüpsultan- Alibeyköy Tram Line is second again. Unfortunately, we had to break a 1,5 km section, a line built. The Golden Horn is a sensitive place. The process was started without analyzing the ground of the Golden Horn. While a piled system should be preferred, it was passed through a surface treatment. Crashes had begun there without any load, no commissioning dimension. We acted fast on this line; we broke, piled and had to redo the rail laying. We will raise the Unkapanı-Alibeyköy Line of the Eminönü-Alibeyköy Line of this section by the end of this year. There, we made both financial planning and technical technical planning in this direction. This will take over an important population and traffic line as a burden. These two lines also intersect with other dense lines. It will also strengthen the integration. ”


“Tunnel excavations have ended at Ataköy- Basın Ekspres- İkitelli Metro. Here we focus on electromechanical works. We aimed to open departments in such places and enable people to use metro transportation. We are planning to put the Bahariye-İkitelli section into operation in 2021. Anatolian Side has serious metro investments. Dudullu-Bostancı, combining the subways from the north-south axis to the east-west axis, is a very precious line for us. We wish to prepare this 14,3 km line by the end of 2021. Our work on this subject continues very quickly. Last week, we also dropped the ninth train of Dudullu-Bostancı on the tracks. This line between Aşiyan and Rumelihisarı, Boğaziçi University, a very ancient institution of Istanbul, unites with it in the upper part. I know that Boğaziçi University is eagerly awaiting this process. This place has shared the same fate as other metro lines and at a certain point. Here there were technical problems with some construction works, electromechanical works. There were administrative problems. My friends worked out very meticulously. We started vehicle design processes in June. It was also agreed with a manufacturer abroad. And with this aspect, we have also quickly started the process for processing the zoning plans of the line and the commissioning of many processes such as the protection board. ”


Drawing attention to the importance of metro and funicular lines and integration with sea lines, İmamoğlu said, “The issue is not only between Aşiyan and Rumelihisarüstü; the subject is the healthy meeting of the sea and rail systems. In this regard, the functionality of these funiculars, which will connect these coastal areas of Beşiktaş and Sarıyer by subway and provide this communication, is very valuable for us. We are looking at the event: 'Why are people not using the sea? Come on, use it! ' It is necessary to bring people to the sea and use them. In this sense, we have a work between Anadolu Hisarı and Küçüksu, and here we will connect Küçüksu - Kandilli piers and Aşiyan from here. It will be a very precious line especially. We will ensure that this line, which connects upwards from Aşiyan, merges with other points from the Bosphorus. Our studies continue at the funicular point. Also, project studies on five different funicular lines such as Tophane - Şişhane, Avcılar E5 - Avcılar İDO, Kavacık - Çubuklu, İTÜ - İstinye, Altunizade - Çengelköy continue.


Stating that the current rail system length in Istanbul is 233 kilometers including the lines of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, İmamoğlu said, “With the two lines we will open this year, this number will reach 260 kilometers. There is Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport Line; it reaches 37,5 kilometers. Therefore, the length of the subway will be 300 km in Istanbul. Hopefully behalf to get more comfortable breathing in traffic, all institutions and organizations in Turkey, while the Ministry of Transport, our government, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Our Republic of Turkey, money, using good money of the Turkish nation, the city of our accurate, efficient and strengthen the system by investing in a timely manner. No investment, no budget use, or an individual or a political party that we will make today and thereafter. It has 16 million people of Istanbul. We will continue to serve the people of Istanbul by using the money of that people in the best way, guiding them in the most correct way and integrating them with the most accurate project. of gold not see it that all of our people to invest in Turkey, particularly draw. Are these beautiful, big investments in Istanbul mine? This is a comedy; on the contrary, it belongs to the people of Istanbul. IMM, your institution; As Turkey's government ministries or agencies but also of its effort. We should interpret it like this and explain it to our people like this. Otherwise, some would be misled by some misleading or some different directions. ”


İmamoğlu thanked every person, institution and organization who contributed to the project and ended his words as follows:
“I wish all my colleagues and all laborers to end this project without any trouble or problem without touching their feet. Hopefully, I wish to proudly present this line to the service of the people of Istanbul in October next year. The analysis of the process with the sensitive and meticulous comments of our colleagues at IMM adds great strength and strength to me. Nobody should worry that we manage the process. Nobody should try to put anxiety on the agenda of Istanbul like failing to finish a project we started. We know the blessings of this city and the opportunities of this city. There is only one difference. We are doing this work sworn to use the blessings and opportunities of this city only and only on behalf of the people of Istanbul. For this reason, we will use these resources and end the process without making anybody victimized. I wish you all the best in your work. May Allah not be ashamed. May Allah complete it. These are good prayers. Hopefully, when we target, we plan to include our nation in this process. Good luck, good luck. Good luck."

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