Heybeliada 3 People Detained Regarding Fire

Heybeliada fire custody was taken into custody
Heybeliada fire custody was taken into custody

Our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli made statements about the fire that occurred in Heybeliada. Stating that approximately 5 hectares of land are damaged, Minister Pakdemirli stated that 3 people related to fire were detained.

Minister Pakdemirli said that the teams quickly arrived on the island and started to intervene in the fire that started at 17.33 by 17.36.

Stating that all the facilities of the state are mobilized, Pakdemirli stated that the humidity is around 70 percent and the weather is very hot, and the settlements are at risk due to the wind direction.


Explaining that our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has moved to the island with his orders and started to coordinate after aerial investigations, Pakdemirli said:

“As you know in the fire, we are also using our UAVs this year. One of our UAVs, 2 aircraft, 6 helicopters, 6 forest lands and 17 fire trucks were interfered with 23 lands. As of these hours, the fire is completely under control and is completely extinguished. But of course cooling activities will continue until tomorrow morning or even noon. Currently, the surrounding of the fire will be done by the bulldozers coming soon. The fire surrounds open as much as possible by means of fire workers. Even though it is completely under control, cooling activities continue in order not to experience spark again at night or in the morning. We still have 17 plows on the road, but it seems that there is no need for them either. ”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that he would be on the island for a while and said, “The state intervened here with all its institutions. We quickly survived this fire with our Heybeliada with a minimum damage and around 5 hectares. Get well soon. As we say in every fire, it is always due to human error, 90 percent of them are due to human error. Now, let's put an end to these human mistakes. We have 3 detentions related to this fire. Our multi-faceted investigation continues by the Governorate. ” said.

Pakdemirli is also concerned about whether there is a suspicion of arson or not. Our first job at the moment is to control the fire, extinguish the fire, take care of the cooling activities, the institutions are more interested in this now, but the investigation is continuing by the Governorate. I think our Governor will make the necessary explanations as soon as possible. ” said.

Günceleme: 13/07/2020 14:00

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