2 Firsts Happened at Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport

Zonguldak caycuma first lived at the airport
Zonguldak caycuma first lived at the airport

Corendon Airlines, which has stopped its international flights due to pandemic, has started its flights from 26 cities to Anatolia in Europe as of June 12. Corendon Airlines landed at Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport for the first time in its history with the XC 27 flight code airplane taking off from Cologne on June 158 with 6805 passengers. Welcomed with an aviation tradition, water jewelry, Corendon's first passengers in the season got off the plane in a masked and social distance.

We Believe In The Potential Of Zonguldak. Our goal is to fly from Germany to Zonguldak for 12 months

Karaer Yildiray Corendon Airlines CEO, "we break the pandemic due to the Europe-Turkey flights have resumed as of June 26. From 26 to 28 June, we made direct flights to 12 cities of Anatolia from Europe. We have been working closely with Çaycuma Airport for a long time, especially upon the demand from our citizens and travel agencies to organize direct flights to Zonguldak, especially in the Nordrhein Westfalen region of Germany. As a result of the intensive work of both our Operations Control Center and our Flight Operations Unit and the simulation studies that lasted for months, we started our flights to this airport with our Boeing 737-800 fleet. Following the completion of the new runway to Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport and the reduction of the effects of the pandemic process, we intend to expand these flights to 12 months by increasing the number of direct flights from Cologne and Münster cities of Germany. ” spoke in the form.

First Boeing 737-800 landing at Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport

In addition to the first time that Corendon Airlines landed at Zonguldak Çaycum Airport, it also broke new ground; This is the first time that a Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft has landed. Karaer said, “In addition to starting direct flights to Zonguldak from Germany, we are proud to be the first airline to land in this area with a Boeing 737-800 type 189-seat passenger plane. Because of the geography of high mountains, airlines used smaller planes with lower passenger capacity. However, we realized our flight with high performance engines on our planes and the extension of the runway. ” said.

As of June 27, Corendon Airlines will fly to Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport every Saturday in Cologne, Germany and every Wednesday in Münster. For detailed information and reservation, you can visit corendonairlines.com site and contact our authorized travel agencies.

Direct Flights to 12 Cities of Anatolia Started from Germany

In addition to its first flight to Zonguldak Airport, Corendon Airlines lowered its first passengers to the cities of Antalya, Izmir, Kayseri, Bodrum, Edremit, Trabzon, Konya and Ankara and made direct flights from Muenster to Zonguldak on 28 June.

We Will Overcome the Pandemic Process with Hand Union

As it is known, EU aviation, extended by Germany until August 31, 2020, initiatives are underway before both aviation, tourism and our government in order to make the travel warning applied to destinations earlier. We also started in this direction, our flight from Europe to Turkey on 26 June. Believes that Turkey is safe, those of us who starting from the airport all our flights overseas promotional activities and highlighted the measures taken by our hotel we attach importance to boot. We see it as a very positive development that our Ministry announced that Kovid-19 test centers will be opened in busy airports, and that testing can be done in the test centers determined in Anatolian cities. If all these initiatives work, we plan and aim to increase our traffic and occupancy. ” spoke in the form.

Corendon Airlines enhance the area Holiday Securing Applications in Turkey

Karaer, as well as other projects implemented in order to support Turkey's tourism season was passed. Karaer, "Corendon Airlines safely of German tourists in Turkey have developed as a service so they can better holiday. During the holiday in Turkey is determined that caught a virus Korona and return tickets Corendon which the Airlines enhance the passengers, after treatment is complete will take you back to the country, we also recognize the flexibility to return to their country when they want also to the families of the passengers. Again, with another campaign, “Ticket Safe” campaign, we provide our guests with flexible booking opportunities and assure our passengers' tickets, and allow our passengers who purchase tickets to postpone their flights until October 31, 2021 and change their tickets to the destination they want. ” said.

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