Money Will Be Withdrawn With Chip TC ID Card

money with a jeep ID card
money with a jeep ID card

PTT Inc. launched by the application for the first time in Turkey, maternity benefits and social assistance payments by TEO citizens will be able to perform these operations with PTT ATMs chip TR identity card.

According to the statement made by PTT AŞ, citizens who are entitled to receive İŞKUR payments and social assistance and maternity benefits provided by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services within the framework of the Economic Stability Shield Package Support Program will not need to go to PTT workplaces. the application will be held for the first time in Turkey, account or not all citizens in PTT, chip TC ID cards and ATMs with their assigned password to take delivery of the identity of the population departments that can provide payments invested in by logging accounts.

Citizens who forget the password of the TC identity card will be able to perform their transactions at PTT offices. The payment dates will be notified by SMS to the mobile phones of the citizens.



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