Providing Data Security with WeePos!


📩 13/10/2023 11:28

When it comes to payment, the first thing that everyone considers is security. Weepay does not neglect to clarify these issues. As a result, it manages to stand out with data security. Mainly concerning individual and corporate clients:

  • Reveals PCI certification.
  • BRSA operates on a licensed basis.
  • Financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the laws.

You can take a look at all these security measures accompanied by At the same time, active customer service can be contacted instantly. Those who provide phone calls by mail can bring clarity to their minds.

Apply Now For WeePos!

Virtual pos both individual and institutional applications are available for those who want to have. In other words, people who do not own a company will be able to benefit from these opportunities. Namely:

-Person: Individual virtual pos You don't have to be a company owner. Only online application form is requested to be filled completely. One and your registration documents will be completed with your identity document.

-Institution: The company owners fill out the corporate registration form and complete the online application. Documents related to the company or association should be sent immediately afterwards and the application should be activated in this way.

Weepos Active Up To 24 Hours!

Woocommerce virtual pos Open source integration processes are included. Infrastructures such as Opencart and Magento follow. You can choose the one you want and switch to online application. of applications:

  • Care is taken to evaluate it in a few minutes.
  • As a result of the evaluation, virtual pos becomes active.

The maximum time for this is set at 24 hours. Those who do not want to waste time should choose in this direction. At the same time, it would be best to use virtual pos facilities for fast money flow.

Special Integration with WeePos

Integration studies Opencart virtual pos It is maintained over many infrastructure. Moreover, there is a design specific to the work of both individuals and institutions.

For example, payment links are prepared and provided on most devices. For example, mobile compatibility is among them. And customers are enabled to switch payments over various devices. The payment is transferred to the IBAN account given the next day. Moreover, care is taken to transfer them to the account in one go.

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