Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Ülken: 'We Want an Airport and High Speed ​​Train'

we want airport and high-speed train
we want airport and high-speed train

Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Hakan country, published in BloombergHT Ali Çağatay after ekonono my choir has to offer, the corporate sector, regional solutions, and expectations are spoken of targets "30 Minutes" program by connecting these processes in Aydin, Turkey and shared his views on the world economy.

The Corona Process is a Period That Will Bring Both Protectionism and Prospect to the Forefront in the World and a Process in which E-Commerce Is More Important in Foreign Trade

“The corona process that started all over the world had a negative impact on our country as well as our Aydın. Aydın is a very special province, a city where both tourism, agriculture, industry, energy and education are experienced at a very high level, and consequently, a city where its trade and industry are intensive. As you have stated, Aydın fig is one of the three Turkish products registered in the European Union and the registration of Aydın fig, which is the first in the world, was realized by our Chamber. Considering our export figures, when we consider only the export made from Aydın customs annually, we have an export of over 750 million dollars. If we compare it with our imports, we have a potential of 200-250 million dollars in import, that is, a positive contribution to the current account deficit problem of the country and foreign trade figures, and our potential is very high. Of course, the corona process is a period that will highlight both protectionism and bullying in the world and after this time, I foresee a process in which digital transformation and e-commerce are more important in foreign trade. For this reason, we have completed our preparations for qualified export, qualified market and increasing our competitive power here. We did not have this process empty. ”

Abandon the Regional Incentive Application and Put the Sector Based Incentive System in the Center

“When we evaluate it in terms of its contribution to the city and its economy, we try to prepare our members with many foreign trade projects such as education and UR-GE projects. However, unfortunately, we are a country that remained from 2010 and now has an incentive system that has gone away from its purpose with its completely outdated. We need to abandon the regional incentive practice urgently and put the sector-based incentive-like incentive system at the center. Yes, some of our incentive models are like tailors, but as a result, more regional incentives are still in the center of the business. Unfortunately, Aydın is unfair at this point because he is in the second region. Similarly, some examples rather than have focused on throughout, but these specific examples of Turkey, our economies and our foreign trade throw very important steps to improve our we give up the absolute very quickly from this model and sectoral we need to convert the incentive model. Again, in Aydın, there are dominant sectors that contain very specific products in our industry. Our Aydın is a very strong province, especially in the agricultural machinery industry and food products. ”

Our High Expectations Regarding Elimination of Our Deficiencies in Logistics Like Çıldır Airport

“At the same time, we should make moves to increase the diversity of our exports in Aydın. In addition to the food, one of the most important issues we are competitive with is the mining sector, especially because of our dense feldspar reserves, there is a very intense entry into the European Union market through the Italian gate. Now, in the new process, our efforts towards industrialization of these raw materials rather than direct exports of raw materials are processed here, and the export of processed products and added value has started to produce good results. The important steps taken 4-5 years ago now bear fruit. We increase this number and qualified industrial products on the basis of factories. Occupancy in our Organized Industrial Zones is important. We have high expectations for addressing our deficiencies in the logistics center such as Çıldır Airport, which has been on the agenda of both Aydın and the government for 6-7 years, and high-speed train lines and transportation. In this context, in terms of logistics, we have to either directly connect to the customs port or between Çine and Aydın and then to Çandarlı port in order to reach our mines in the Çine region. It is very important for Aydın to reach the port of Çandarlı, which will have a handling capacity of 120 million tons and will be one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean-Aegean basin. ”

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