30 New Bridges Will Be Built in Van

New bridge will be built in Van
New bridge will be built in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality is building new bridges to 30 water transition points in the city.

For the first time since Van became a metropolitan city in 2014, new bridges have been constructed by water stations in 13 districts by Van Metropolitan Municipality. The tender processes of the bridges to be constructed with on-site pouring system with a width of approximately 30 meters and a height of 9 meters have been completed to 4 different water transition points. Under the coordination of the Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department, the construction of the first bridge was started in Çakınlı District of Gürpınar district. Bridges will consist of 3 sections: auto guardrail, vehicle road and pedestrian road.

Other bridges to be constructed are the Seydibey, Yunlas, and Ayazca districts of Ozalp, the Ugullar, Dagören and Fatih neighborhoods of Muradiye, the Karagunduz of the Silkroad, the Bostanici, Karakoc and Ilikaynak neighborhood and the inside of the neighborhood, the City Market neighborhood of Ercis and the Island hamlet, Caldiran '' The Guide, Yanıktaş, Yücelen and Sungur districts, Gürpınar's Erkaldı, and Taşdöüzen Neighborhood, Başkale's Albayrak, Ekecek, Dereiçi and Deringeçit neighborhoods, Gevas' Daldere District, Brothers and Canopy Graves, Tusba's Ocaklı and Citizens will receive more comfortable and more modern transportation services thanks to the bridges to be built in 30 different points, including Yemlice district, Çardak district of Saray, Papatya district of Bahçesaray and Taşkonak district of Edremit.

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