Ulus 100. Yıl Bazaar is Falling

nation year car is washing
nation year car is washing

After the decision to demolish “Ulus 100. Yıl Çarşısı”, which was taken unanimously by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, the tender for demolition work for the recycling materials of the building was completed. 56 companies participated in the tender broadcasted live from the social media accounts of the Metropolitan Municipality and ABB TV. In the tender, which broke down in 2 hours, the value of 3 times higher than the price of the tender is reached, while 2 million 150 thousand TL will be entered into the coffers of the Metropolitan Municipality.

While the live broadcasting application launched by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for the purchase of goods and services in accordance with the transparency principle, both companies and citizens are showing great interest in the tenders.

The tender process was completed for the 100th Anniversary Bazaar, which was decided to be demolished by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council for the realization of the "Ulus Historical City Center Renovation Area Project". “100. 56 companies participated in the tender for the "Year Market's Demolition of Recycling Materials."


The tender held before the Municipal Committee under the direction of the Metropolitan General Secretary Baki Kerimoğlu was broadcast live via auction.

A high value of 2 times the estimated price was reached in the tender, which lasted more than 3 hours, in which there was a fierce struggle between the companies. Dedeli Yapı Recycling Petroleum Products Industry and Trade Limited Company gave the highest bid of 699 million 547 thousand TL in the tender with an approximate value of 2 thousand 150 TL. kazanIt will be transferred to the three Metropolitan Municipality coffers.


With the demolition of the 100th Year Bazaar, the location of the city's historical landmarks such as 1st and 2nd Parliament Building, Ankara Governorship, Haci Bayram Mosque and Ankara Castle will have a new square.

While the Metropolitan Municipality made a notification so that the tradesmen in the bazaar before the demolition would not be victimized, they awarded the tender. kazanThe demolition process of the 180. Yıl Çarşısı will be completed within 100 days following the contract to be signed with the current company.

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