UKOME Transfers 6 Thousand New Taxis to Sub-Commission

ukome transferred a thousand new taxis to the sub commission
ukome transferred a thousand new taxis to the sub commission

At the UKOME meeting, where the transportation problems of Istanbul were discussed, the item, which offered 6 thousand increases in the number of taxi in the city, was postponed to a later date with the majority of votes to be discussed in the sub-commission. In the meeting, the proposal to turn the minibuses into a yellow taxi was also sent to the sub-commission to discuss at a later date. Istanbulkart offer was accepted for tourists.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu“6 thousand new taxi projects”, which was brought to the agenda by Turkey in the past few days and attracted great public attention, was discussed at the meeting held by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME). The meeting held at Istanbul Congress Center under the chairmanship of IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General in charge of transportation Orhan Demir, Head of Transportation Department Utku Cihan, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Transport, 39 district municipalities and multiple tradesmen and representatives of the chauffeurs chamber.

According to the "proposal for the arrangement of taxi transportation" referred to the technical report prepared by the Public Transportation Services Directorate and Istanbul Technical University, the number of taxis in Istanbul is planned to be increased to 40 thousand.

Orhan Demir, the Deputy Secretary General of IMM, who is responsible for transportation, spoke in the section where the proposal was discussed. Demir continued his words as follows:

“The last taxi to Istanbul was given in 1990. Since then, the population of Istanbul has increased from 7 million to 16 million. So he finds a taxi problem in Istanbul. I wholeheartedly believe that there is a taxi problem expressed by all speakers. We all know this; but it is not about who will operate the taxis spoken today. We are just trying to determine the number. Considering the number of taxis per population in other countries, this rate is very low in Istanbul. While two or three taxis per person fall in London, Paris, Berlin, 1.2 taxis drop in Istanbul. For this reason, we are having the pirate problem, which is a problem for all of us. We will solve the pirate problem with the increase in the number of taxis. ”


After the comments of the participants, Demir said, "The pandemic process we are experiencing is a process that triggers the taxi issue." He said that during the pandemic period, transportation turned to individual transportation at a rate of 10 percent, the citizen used his personal car or taxi instead of public transportation. Demir continued his evaluations with the following words:

“As our President stated before, it is a step taken to ensure that the public service is performed at a higher standard and in a more secure manner. A definition was made as a driver plus 3 persons when the distances were set in public transportation vehicles. In the tiny area you look at, everyone breathes the air. The goal is to create an Istanbul taxi that ensures the safety of both drivers and passengers. We know the taxis by the names of the cities. We haven't been there yet.

The proposal regarding the number of taxis was postponed to a later date to be discussed again by the majority of votes.


Again, according to the article in the same proposal, the proposal to convert the minibuses into yellow taxis was postponed to a later date to discuss with the majority of votes. The proposal proposed that 750 minibuses and 250 taxi minibuses be converted into a taxi.


According to another proposal offered by the Public Transport Services Directorate, Istanbulkart will be issued for tourists visiting Istanbul. The project, which is among the promises of President İmamoğlu, will offer a card opportunity for tourists visiting the city for a period ranging from one to 15 days.

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