Two New Explanations for LGS from MEB!

two new explanations for lgs
two new explanations for lgs

Two new measures were taken to protect students' health in the central examination to be held within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS) on June 20, 2020. The question booklets received by students 1 hour after the exam in previous years will be returned to students on Monday, June 22, to eliminate the possibility of violating social distance this year, causing confusion. In addition, examiners who distribute question booklets and answer keys will use surgical gloves.

Two new measures were decided to be put into practice in order to make the central exam to be held under LGS in a healthy way.

The first of these measures is about the delivery of the question booklets to the students… The question booklets given to the students 1 hour after the end of the exam in the past years will be distributed to the students who want to avoid the possible density this year, starting on Monday, 22 June.

As a second precaution, it was decided to use surgical gloves by examiners while question booklet and answer keys were distributed in the examination halls.

Stating that every precaution is taken to make the exam safe in terms of health, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said: “We do the cleaning and disinfection of all school buildings where the exam will be held. As we announced earlier, we will disinfect our students' hands at the school entrance on the exam day and distribute free masks. Now we have decided to implement two more measures related to the examination process. Accordingly, we will not distribute the question booklets after the exam in order to avoid a chaos that will eliminate the social distance after the exam. Our parents can get their children's question booklets from schools starting Monday, June 22. In addition, question booklets and answer keys will be distributed and collected using surgical gloves to prevent examiners' manual contact with exam papers. Our friends are reviewing the process over and over again. If there is another precaution needed, we will immediately take a decision and share it with the public. May all our families and children be good cheers. All units of our Ministry are following the process closely. ”



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