TürkTraktör Receives TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

became the first company to obtain the tse covid secure production certificate in the turktraktor sector
became the first company to obtain the tse covid secure production certificate in the turktraktor sector

The action plan against the epidemic, cases of the areas activated before seen in Turkey and Safe Production System working life spent TürkTraktör the industry with effective and innovative practices in this area first 'TSE Covid19 was able to take the Safe Production Certificate.

TürkTraktör, the leader of the Turkish tractor market, is entitled to receive the 'TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate' for the 'Ankara Factory' with its occupational health and safety approach, which it has implemented at the highest level, and the Safe Production System applications it has implemented against the pandemic. kazanwas.

TürkTraktör, which has achieved many 'firsts' to date, has become the 'first producer' in the industry with 'TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate' with this certificate that it has managed to receive with its creative and effective applications.

TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner said: “Since the day we were established, occupational health and safety has always been our top priority within the scope of our understanding of 'our most important value is our human resources'. In this field, we have had numerous applications so far with different documents and awards. We are very happy to add a new one to these achievements with our Safe Production System applications, which we have implemented in order to protect employee and public health, against the new corona virus pandemic, which has caused the whole world to go through a very difficult period. ”

The trust and motivation we provide to our employees, families and customers is paramount.

Ankara Factory's right to receive kazanExpressing that TürkTraktör is the 'first manufacturer' to hold the 'TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate' with this certificate, Aykut Özüner said, “While documenting that our practices within the scope of Covid-19 are carried out systematically with this certificate; At the same time, we emphasized the necessity of their sustainability. However, the most important aspect of obtaining this document is; in fact, it is the trust and motivation we provide to our employees, their families and our customers. This is more important to us than anything else.”

Aykut Özüner pointed out that the same Safe Production System practices were implemented in the Sakarya Erenler Factory, as the 'only manufacturer' of the tractor market that produces with two facilities, and said, “We are entitled to receive for our facility in Ankara. kazanWe also sent this document to our facility in Sakarya Erenler. kazanWe have made the necessary applications to In this sense, we are waiting for a date from the authorized institution for the inspections to be carried out.”

Success with careful and creative practices

Within the scope of the Safe Production System, a team of 10 people, including Workplace Physicians, Occupational Safety Engineers, and Administrative Affairs, at TürkTraktör managed an intensive process involving the research, planning and control phases for 3 months.

During the application process to the TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate, TürkTraktör delivered the documents including the risk assessment, action plan and other documents and instructions to the Turkish Standards Institute for review.

Ankara Factory has the right to receive this document, especially on disinfection, social distance and mask use. kazanMeticulous inspections were carried out in all areas of the facility, including production, office, changing rooms, dining hall and social areas, starting from the entrance of the facility, within the scope of all criteria.

Among the creative applications of TürkTraktör was the application of color code for managing changing rooms and shift changes.

TürkTraktör successfully passed the audits with the planning, implementation and control activities it carried out to cover the entire campus in order to create the “Safe Production System” and was entitled to receive the 'TSE Covid19 Safe Production Certificate'. kazanwas.

These works, which were initiated within the scope of “Safe Production” before the announcement of the pandemic at the TürkTraktör Ankara Factory, continue to be developed with different applications implemented.

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