Turkey's most important public institutions from being pushed TCDD abyss!

tcdd is being pushed into my cliff
tcdd is being pushed into my cliff

CHP İzmir Deputy Kamil Okyay Sındır reacted violently to the investigations made against the employees on the grounds that he participated in the protests against the exiles in the State Railways.

Sındır, who participated in the press statement organized by BTS employees in front of TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, said, “The will that is in charge of managing the state is harming the state. their loyalty away from the merit appointments, political kayırmacılıkl, shoot with and seeking Turkey's demand for an investigation into the abyss pushed TCDD, the most important public institutions, "he said.


For everyone who lived in TCDD wing a painful process that expressed by the words of starting Sındır, "founded in 1927, one of the oldest institutions of the Republic of Turkey, with our own resources, with demirağ the Anatolia four sides of our abilities own human ruins Railways is being pushed into the abyss. State Railways is a service institution. Its sole purpose is to fulfill this service in its field in the best and most correct way, with the most accurate human resources. Today, TCDD, whose establishment has reached a century with fidelity loyalty assignments, political favoritism, exiles and investigations, is being destroyed. Employees who participate in actions against exiles are given pressure and punishment. We insist that, merit is also essential in the public. It is important that the people who are going to do the job are essential where the service is produced, where the goods are produced and where there is production. Here, laborers are cut off from their families with unassigned appointments. TCDD employees are invited to new accidents with the appointments made regardless of whatever their manager is from us, and security of life and property is put at risk. Moving away from merit can lead to irreparable suffering. ”


Stating that justice is the foundation of the state, Sindir continued, “Individuals may think differently, have different beliefs and different political thoughts, but merit is essential in public service. Today, the ruling is ruling the country with a view that 'not merit merit, our supporters will rule, our supporters will come to administrative positions, and if there are those who do not want this, be destroyed'. The willpower to govern the state now harms the state. We want our right, we seek our law, we demand justice. Justice is the foundation of the state. If there is no justice within the state, it ceases to be that state. They do not recognize the Constitution, they ignore basic human rights and freedoms. The meeting and demonstration even open an investigation into a trade union activity where walking rights are exercised. Railway workers and workers are never alone. We will always be with them in their honored and righteous struggles, we will add voice to their voices. ”


Sindir concluded his words as follows: “It is not only the responsibility of TCDD workers and their organized unions to resist what happened in TCDD; resisting it is the nation, which is the citizens of this state, and which is the main element of this state, which is served by this public. The General Directorate of TCDD did not even respond to the demands of the laborers repeatedly. In TCDD, we will resist against those who destroy business peace to the full. Today, independent courts of this country will ask for those who have committed this persecution, those who call exile not merit, those who do not recognize the Constitution and laws, and account for what happened. And justice will one day be necessary for everyone. ”


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