Cooperation between Turkey and Russia Covidien-19 Vaccine

turkey and Belarus on the cooperation between the rebels Covidien
turkey and Belarus on the cooperation between the rebels Covidien

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation He had a meeting with Mikhail Murashko via video conferencing method. The two countries' health ministers decided to cooperate and start joint clinical trials on Covid-19 vaccine development.

Turkey and Russia, are starting to collaborate on vaccine development Covidien-19. In the meeting of the two ministers, it was agreed on sharing experience in the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals and cooperation in clinical studies. On Thursday, the Ministry of Health of Turkey Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB) The first meeting between the Russian scientists Vaccine Institute of Science Committee. In the next period, scientists from the two countries will collaborate on vaccination.

Ministers in the whole interview, recalled that Turkey has achieved success by using a different algorithm than the WHO treatment. Minister Koca stated that the number of cases and deaths is decreasing day by day; He said that the number of recovered patients reached 130 thousand, they controlled the outbreak and started the normalization process as of June 1.

Turkey continues to work in 22 centers in the Covidien-19 to produce the vaccine, while the fourth stage of animal testing center point stated that her husband, the words continued as follows:

“I find the synergy created by the scientists of the two countries sharing the same geography against the global epidemic very valuable. I want to share our experience in vaccine and drug production and to renew that we are open to all kinds of cooperation. ”

Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko also stated that they are working on the synthesis of COVID-19 vaccine, they have obtained positive results in animal experiments and that clinical studies will be started in a short time. Turkey used by the Drug Tracking System (ITS) and Product Tracking System (UTS) that expresses care Murashko, requested a sharing of experience in this regard.

The two Ministers agreed on the regular repetition of talks and collaborative work on drug-vaccine development.

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