Increase in Tünektepe Cable Car Fee

tunektepe cable car fee
tunektepe cable car fee

Operated by ANET company of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 'Tünektepe Teleferik' started to serve again with the normalization process. But the increase in the tariff drew attention. The cable car, which was opened to the service of Antalya by the former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel in 2017 and extending from Sarısu to Tünektepe summit, was closed due to coronavirus talks.


The cable car, which is used by thousands of local and foreign citizens, started to serve on June 16 with the new normalization process, and the hike in ticket prices caused shock. While closing the doors before the epidemic, the price of 15 lira per person and 20 lira per person was applied, while the price increased with normalization. According to the new prices, a fee of 20 lira per person is charged, while no double discount is made to double persons. In addition, while civil and student discriminations are not made, everyone is charged the same.

Source: Morning

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