TULAŞ Publishes 60 Bus Driver Candidate List

TULAŞ Publishes 60 Bus Driver Candidate List
TULAŞ Publishes 60 Bus Driver Candidate List

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality has determined the valid ones from the internet applications between 60-5 June for 12 new bus drivers.

According to the list published by the Metropolitan Municipality, the applications of 493 candidates were accepted.

Trabzon Transportation Inc., one of the companies of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. The list of 493 candidates whose applications are valid from the bus drivers to be recruited within (TULAŞ) has been published. It was stated that those who did not apply and are on the list can appeal between June 22-25.


The following statements were used in the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation regarding the recruitment process of 60 new bus drivers; “Applicants who are not included in the announced application acceptance list will be able to appeal between 22-25 June. Objections to be made will be evaluated by our commission between 26-28 June. Then, on Monday, June 29, the list of candidates to be called for the interview and practice exam will be announced. Interview and practice exams will be completed between 6-19 July, and you will be eligible to get a job on Friday, 24 July. kazanThe main and alternate candidates will be announced at the moment.

To see the list CLICK HERE

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