Tekfen Construction Won Highway Tender in Qatar!

Tekfen won tender in construction
Tekfen won tender in construction

Tekfen Construction won a new highway tender with a cost of $ 150 million from the Qatar Public Works Administration. Tekfen Construction, which has been carrying out many industrial facilities and highway projects in Qatar since 2005, plans to complete the Al Khor Expressway Connection Roads Construction work it received from the Qatar Public Works Administration in 2 years.

In his statement after the tender, Tekfen Holding Vice President responsible for the Contracting Group said, “Adding new projects to its portfolio is a must for a contractor and is always met with great joy. In these challenging days, where employment continuity is our top priority, Ashghal, an important employer, has increased our trust and joy in us.

From this point on, our main duty is to protect the health of our employees, as in all our construction sites, and to provide a safe work environment by applying all necessary measures to the maximum extent. My wish on behalf of the entire contracting sector is that the global stagnation brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak has gradually replaced the movement. ” gave expressions.



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