TCDD Restarts Railway Construction of Logistics Village, The Court of Process Continues

tcdd court process resumes logistics construction of ongoing sheep
tcdd court process resumes logistics construction of ongoing sheep

Hasan Cobanci, Head of Samsun Branch of Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO), stated that despite the judicial decisions, TCDD has taken action to connect the Railway to the Logistics Village project. There is a legal process, ”he said.

According to the news of Cemil Ciğerim from Cumhuriyet; ”ZMO Samsun Branch President Hasan Çobancı made evaluations regarding the Logistics Village project built in the district of Aşağıçinik in Tekkeköy district. Reminding that the Council of State decided to stop the execution in the lawsuit they filed for the Logistics Village project, which cost 50 million Euros, Çobancı reminded that the same decision was made in the case opened by a local resident.

Stating that the region was the first-degree agricultural land in the judicial decisions, Çobancı asked why the decisions were not implemented. Çobancı said, “While the legal process related to Logistics Village is continuing, it has been reached by the General Directorate of TCDD that the construction of Gelemen Logistics Village-Tekkeköy Logistics Village Railway has started. The mentioned railway construction provides the connection of the Logistics Village, whose legal process continues. When the railway project is examined, it is seen that the line remains within the Çarşamba Plain, Büyük Ova Protected Area. Some of the places where the railway line passes are absolute agricultural land. According to Articles 5403 and 13 of the Law No. 14, there are no permits for non-agricultural use on the route through which the project passes. ”

Çobancı noted the following; “For which reasons has the initiative been initiated by the General Directorate of Railway Construction of Gelemen Logistics Village-Tekkeköy Logistics Village, which is located within the Büyük Ova Protected Area and which is passing through first-class agricultural land, while the court processes of the Logistics Village are continuing? As TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, which takes its power from its members and laws; As with the Mobile Power Plant built in Tekkeköy, the OVM Natural Gas Power Plant built in Terme District, we will not allow the use of qualified agricultural lands outside the purpose of the Samsun Logistics Village Project and our sacrifices to rent environments.

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