TCDD General Manager Uygun's İZBAN Visit

Is tcdd a general visit of the eligible izban
Is tcdd a general visit of the eligible izban

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun visited İzmir Port and received information about the port activities and activities at the meeting. Then TCDD 3. Regional Directorate and Taşımacılık AŞ. Visiting the İzmir Regional Directorate, he received information about the appropriate regional studies and visited the staff in their offices.

İZBAN Visit by General Manager Uygun

General Manager Uygun, then Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) AŞ, which was established in partnership with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. visited. Uygun, who was informed about the works of the institution by IZBAN General Manager Seçkin Mutlu, made a review in the workshop where the periodic maintenance and repair of the trains was performed. After the proper examination, IZBAN went to the Train Simulator room and took a test drive here.

Visit to Biçerova Station, Çakmaklı Region and Nemport Ports

General Manager Biçerova Station visited the Nemrut Bay and Nemport Ports in Çakmaklı Region, where he made information on line and port work, loading and unloading areas and the activities of the ports and made on-site inspections.

Visit to Gökköy Logistics Directorate

Appropriate, after his visit to the Telekomand Center at the Gökköy Logistics Directorate in Balıkesir, the relevant company was briefed by the relevant company on the "Project of Establishing the Signalization and Telecommunication Systems for the Bandırma-Balıkesir-Manisa (Excluded) Line Section" and solutions were discussed.

The General Manager then visited Balıkesir Station and met with the employees.

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