Bus Ticket Prices Cheaper After Ceiling Price Application

After the ceiling price application, bus ticket prices were dusted at the rate of%
After the ceiling price application, bus ticket prices were dusted at the rate of%

Bus ticket prices dropped by up to 30 percent after new regulations published in the Official Gazette. Turkey's Tugba Analyst Trip Travel Site Enuygun.co Hacıbayramoğl, "the Ministry of Transport and bus ticket prices dropped ceiling price update. Tickets are now sold in numbers ranging from 70 TL to 375 TL. ”

In accordance with the social isolation rules applied during the epidemic period, the side seats were left empty on buses and they could travel with a 50 percent capacity in intercity buses. This was reflected in the ticket prices and there were double increases in bus ticket prices. However, the latest regulations on bus travel have reduced ticket prices by up to 30 percent. Drawing attention to the fact that family members are allowed to sit next to each other according to the new arrangement, Enuygun Travel Analyst Tuğba Hacıbayramoğlu said, “In this case, buses that can move with a maximum capacity of 50 percent will take a little more passengers. This can be reflected in the prices. In the new arrangement, ceiling prices range from 101 TL for 115-70 km, and 2000 TL for 375 or more kilometers. In the price research we conducted, the price of the Istanbul-Ankara bus ticket, which had a ceiling price limit of 160 TL, was at most 120 TL. ”

Here are the new bus ticket prices

According to the new regulations, the Istanbul-Bodrum bus ticket price, which was sold for 220 TL last week, decreased to 165 TL. After the updates, the bus tickets are sold for the highest between Istanbul and Antalya, 165 TL, between Istanbul and Ayvalık, 120 TL between Ankara and Alanya, 120 TL between Istanbul and Trabzon, 190 TL between Ankara and Diyarbakır.

HES code is required for bus trips

At the same time, HES code should be obtained for bus trips. Although the HEPP code is not mandatory for 0-2 year old babies, it is mandatory to get the HEPP code when purchasing tickets for all age groups. For citizens over 65, the application for obtaining a Travel Permit is also ongoing. Do not forget to keep the HEPP code you used to purchase your ticket with you throughout the journey. Prices that vary according to the new regulation are as follows:

Rattan Old Price New price
Istanbul-Ankara 140 TL 120 TL
Istanbul Antalya 200 TL 165 TL
Istanbul - Bodrum 225 TL 165 TL
Ankara - Trabzon 200 TL 140 TL
Van-Istanbul 280 TL 200 TL
Izmir Sanliurfa 250 TL 200 TL
Konya - Siirt 300 TL 200 TL

* There may be slight differences in prices according to the bridge and highway prices.


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