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support for the ib project of istkadan ibb
support for the ib project of istkadan ibb

One of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İGDAŞ, İSBAK AŞ and BİMTAŞ were entitled to support under the Covid-19 Struggle and Resilience Program of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA). İSTKA, twelve projects from public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations were evaluated as innovative practices that would prevent the spread of the virus and reduce its effects on the country's economy.

Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) has called for public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations under the decision to support innovative practices that will prevent the spread of the virus and reduce its effects on the country's economy within the scope of the COVID-19 Fighting and Resilience Program. Evaluating many applications, İSTKA started to announce the first results. In the first place, twelve of the applied projects were deemed worthy of support. Among these projects, three IMM affiliates' projects took place.


“Do Not Disturb Up To The Branch Stay At Home” by İGDAŞ, Istanbul Gas Distribution Industry Trade Inc.; Istanbul Informatics and Smart City Technologies AŞ İSBAK's “Contactless Pedestrian Button” and Boğaziçi Panada İnşaat Danışmanlık Teknik Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ BİMTAŞ's “Istanbul Fragility Map” projects were found successful and the decision was made to support them.


The remote business model established by İGDAŞ, which distributes natural gas to 6,5 million subscribers in Istanbul, with the “Don't Trouble Up to the Branch, Stay At Home” project, contributes to reducing the effects of the epidemic by increasing social isolation. With the system, Istanbulites can do all the transactions from their homes without going to İGDAŞ buildings. A monthly average of 85 thousand, an annual average of 1 million subscriptions, contracts and terminations can be made remotely via telephone. Thus, approximately 4 thousand physical contacts will be prevented daily. With this project, substantial savings will also be achieved from paper, office, stationery and bureau expenses, by reducing bureaucracy.


With the "Accessible Pedestrian Button" project developed by ISBAK, a smart city applications company of IMM, remote sensing feature has been added to traffic lights that does not require hand contact. Pedestrian crossings used by thousands of Istanbulists are equipped with photocells that can detect from afar. The system, which is developed to prevent coronavirus transmission, allows Istanbulites to cross the street safely, without just pressing the button with their hands, just by zooming. With the project, which is started from the regions with high pedestrian traffic in Istanbul, all button pedestrian crossings will be made contactless and the photocell feature will be gained. The contactless pedestrian button also warns Istanbul people about the contactless transition and repeats the "Stay at Home" message.


Bimtaş, "the Istanbul-19 Covidien Map" project, Istanbul's fragility index is seen that more than 19 percent of the Covidien-60 cases in Turkey and aimed to create maps. With the GIS-based map system showing the risky regions of Istanbul, the regions and institutions that will respond will be determined by determining the regions that need urgent intervention and a web-based online platform will be developed that will ensure the flow of information. With the project, guiding data will be presented to the decision-making managers of the city, primarily on which neighborhood or region, with which vehicle and with which source, and what measures to take.


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