Shoedex2020 Virtual Fair Extended to 4 June Due to Intense Interest

shoedex virtual fair extended to june due to intense interest
shoedex virtual fair extended to june due to intense interest

Turkey's first virtual exhibition Shoedex2020 Department of Commerce in coordination Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association's initiative began on June 1. The fair, whose end date is June 3, has been extended to June 4 due to intense interest.

Ege Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association President Erkan Zandar has 31 participant companies and more than 50 buyers from 250 countries in this three-day period. said he met at.

“Over 1000 B2B meetings took place in three days. Due to the great interest of the participants, we extended our fair until June 4, with the approval of the Ministry of Trade. We carry out a multi-channel strategy with an intense social media campaign by feeding all digital fields using all the instruments of digital channels. On the second day, we organized a webinar on the future of digitalization and fairs, with the participation of Mükerrem Aksoy, Head of the Trade Fair Permits and Support Department of the Ministry of Trade, and the Marketing Manager of İZFAŞ International Marketing, moderated by Strategist Özgür Baykut. On the third day, we had an online virtual fair tour organization with press members. The fourth day will continue with more than 300 bilateral business meetings that we have included in our agenda at the last moment due to the intense interest. ”

Adding that companies are now determining their strategies between artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and blockchain, Zandar continued as follows:

"Turkey is one of the countries with the highest take rate buy technology in the world. But we are behind in producing technology. Our advantage is that our adaptation is high. On the other hand, we have to work more on production. The virtual fairs we are leading will be a springboard that accelerates digital adaptation. In the pandemic process, the cancellation of 10 thousand fairs in the world was about 138 billion euros. Virtual fairs are of great importance in order to minimize this loss. ”

Turkey's shoe production Erkan Zander Referring to the ranks 6th in the world, "before China meets only 61 per cent of the shoe manufacturing was very important to us to make this fair. The shoes and leather goods industry, which has a dynamic structure and a young audience, develops day by day, has increased significantly in the last 10 years and has increased its exports approximately 2 and a half times. We brought another dimension to this high-synergistic sector with virtual fairs. At the end of the day, we will become global brands with a sustainable, value-added, digitally adapted export plan, with all our stakeholders, as exporters following current innovations. We will compete with the world in branding, perhaps with the power we receive from digital. ” said.

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