Nostalgic Tram Review by SATSO

satsodan nostalgic tram evaluation
satsodan nostalgic tram evaluation

📩 25/06/2020 15:09

At the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry June Ordinary Assembly Meeting, councilors expressed their sectoral problems, opinions and suggestions.

SATSO At the Assembly Meeting, chaired by the Speaker of the Assembly, Talip Kuriş, the members of the board of directors evaluated the agenda, evaluating the monthly activities of the board of directors, discussing the problems of the professional committees and wishes.

The members of the assembly, who took the floor in the evaluation of the monthly activities of the board of directors of the meeting, evaluated the chamber works, projects and the activities of the board of directors.

“Qualified Employment is an Important Need”

Kenan Taçyıldız, Member of the Assembly from the 29th Professional Committee, He evaluated the projects carried out to meet the need for qualified intermediate personnel. In his speech, Taçyıldız said, “This country always needs qualified, conscious young people. It is very important to know the industry and to know how to produce. This project, where our room is at the forefront, will contribute to our city and the employment of our youth. I congratulate those who contributed. ” used expressions.

28. Council Member Emrullah Terzioğlu from the Professional Committee, He stated that the SATSO One Stop Office project will make a great contribution to the members and our city, and hope that it will enter service as soon as possible.

22. Council Member Bülent Yazar from the Professional Committee. Sera commented on a few issues that they wondered by evaluating OSB studies. " Under the leadership of our agriculture and livestock commission, we have attempted to establish a Sera OSB in our city. There was a convenient area to set up, and local governments in the region were also welcoming to this business. We have members who are curious about the latest developments. ” said.

2. Annunciation of Vocational High School to OSB

Cem Gün, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors “We will have another good news about qualified staff very soon. At the entrance of the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Sakarya, there is the High School and Vocational High School building, which is idle and waiting for the rough construction to be finished. 2. We have included this building with the initiatives of our Board of Directors in the OIZ expansion area. A building of about 12-13 thousand square meters. By making a protocol with SUBÜ, our 2nd OSB will be put out to tender very soon and both vocational high school and vocational high school will be brought to our city. According to the planned study; 2. As it is known in the OIZ, there are 2 factories and the branches they want will be opened in vocational high schools and vocational high schools, and 92 + 3 and 1 + 7 training studies will be carried out with the students there. While our students are still studying, they will start to work as intermediate staff in the factories there and they will have a job when they graduate. I would like to thank our Akgün President, SUBU Rector Mr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık and our 1nd OIZ President Mr. Şükrü Bodur for their contribution to this matter.

The councilors who took the floor in the discussion of the problems of the professional committees of the meeting, made their evaluations about the issues such as sectoral problems and solution suggestions that existed during the pandemic process and gave their opinions.

“Attention should be paid to Controlled Social Life”

15. Assembly Member Ercan Başnuh from the Professional Committee, controlled in the healing process noting that triggered the epidemic being treated very comfortable, "it began a healing process in Turkey, but most people are not to return to negative pointer in this process act responsibly. Shopping malls, cafes are going back to the old order but serious irresponsibility continues. We have connected everything to the pandemic process. In order to lead a normal life, we have to overcome this process. At the shopping malls, checks are made at the entrance, but after the barriers have passed, people can behave completely free. Masks can be lowered and arm to arm. I hope our room will continue with the warnings and social warnings. Our responsible citizens should have more responsibility in order not to put an additional burden on health services and not to make others sick. ” said.

“Under Stair Courses”

Kenan Taçyıldız, a member of the 29th Professional Committee,“In the past, there was a classroom in every corner, and with an application they were turned into schools. After the classrooms, the courses have increased significantly. These courses are; They continue their activities as employees under the law and under the stairs. Under-stairs courses do not pay taxes and prevent competition in all areas, making employees' income low. Informal institutions need to be audited. We need to raise issues that are not in compliance with the law. Citizens should not have regulations that put business in trouble. ” said.

“The Insurance Sector Is Victimized”

16. Assembly Member Oktay Topçu from the Professional Committee, He pointed out that the insurance sector, which he represents, has become difficult with the regulations issued in recent years. In the artillery speech, “Unfortunately, the problems of insurance agencies do not end. The operation and activities of our sector were regulated by the insurance law numbered 2007, which was updated in 5684. However, in the last 6-7 years, the system has no place left unchecked. With every new regulation made in the law, the activities of agencies are made more difficult day by day. A regulation was published on the night of May 9, 2020. While the insurance agency could not do any other business, this regulation was granted the authorization that businesses that do not have insurance, their business, can do insurance. Unfortunately, there is no article in this regulation that will benefit existing agencies. We expect support from the necessary organizations in this regard. ” said.

“Let's Protect Our Efficient Agricultural Lands”

1. Council Member Turgay Çelik from the Professional Committee, “In the past, many villages have been neighborhoods and there is a new application. Our municipalities in the village of Taşlık worked with Çökekler. Unfortunately, projects such as crossroads, parks, viaducts will be carried out on approximately 800 decares of fertile agricultural land. These lands are agricultural lands. Yes; Let's improve, intersections, roads should be built, but our fertile agricultural lands should not be wasted. Loss of 2 villages 800 acres. This is only 2 villages but there are 40 villages in the back and it is said that there will be studies about them soon. Let's protect our productive agricultural lands. ”

“The Business of the GSM Sector Is Difficult”

Behlül Bayrak from the 31. Professional Committee, Touching on the GSM sector problems, he said, “The good news that our IT and Software Vocational High School will be opened in our city made us very happy. We thank our committee and the SATSO Board of Directors for their efforts. As the assembly members of SATSO in this period, we will experience the pride of realizing this project for years.

During the pandemic process, we made visits to our sector representatives as a committee and listened to their problems and gave their messages. In recent developments in our sector, with the latest law, there is a 700 TL increase in imported technological products. Unfortunately, nothing has been done for the benefit of GSM companies, which have contributed to the economy for years and provided serious added value to our country. We have GSM operators that are branded around the world, but often there is a blocking and difficult jobs for this sector. ” used expressions.

4. Assembly Member Abdurrahman Çakar from the Professional Committeeexpressed opinions on agricultural production and zoning. Era; “The pandemic process proved to us that animal husbandry and agriculture are vital. If we touch on the construction of agricultural lands in our city; The expropriations of the projects carried out in these lands have been completed long ago. It is not possible to make it on the agricultural lands included in the Büyükova project in our city. I would like to thank all the sector representatives who have expressed this subject and supported agriculture. Legally, it is forbidden to make projects on agricultural lands that are officially covered by the Büyükova project in the newspaper. ” said.

14. Member of the Assembly from the Professional Committee, Ekrem Kayasan, Pointing out that the producers producing in places with infrastructural problems experience victimization during the heavy rain process, “There are about 100 manufacturers and manufacturers in Bekirpaşa, including our Chamber members. When it rains due to the infrastructure problems of our location, companies have to struggle with puddles and their production is disrupted. As manufacturers, we are going through a very difficult process, whenever it rains, our factories flood. Even if we apply everywhere for 2 years, we cannot find any addressee. ” he spoke.

Speaking in the wishes and wishes section of the meeting, councilors presented their opinions and suggestions on issues such as economic, social, cultural and education.

13. Councilor Gökhan Korkmaz from the Professional CommitteeHe said he attended the first meeting as a new councilor and was proud to be a part of the SATSO council. Korkmaz said, “As a new councilor, I am excited to attend the first council meeting. I have been working in various non-governmental organizations for many years and volunteering. I will use my experience in SATSO to contribute to Sakarya. SATSO is a very important organization in our city. I am also proud of doing things that will benefit our city under this roof. ” said.

Thanks for the Construction Machinery Operations Department

Adnan Borazancıoğlu, Member of the Assembly from the 17th Professional Committee, He stated that they are happy that the branch of construction machinery operator will be opened in line with the needs and demands of their committees. In his speech, Borazancıoğlu said, “I would like to thank this department for the opening of Fatih Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. I am sure that it will make many contributions to the future of our industry. Schools and departments will be opened, but we need to seriously support and support this department. We will work as a committee to fill in this section. In this sense, we will cooperate with other NGOs.

1. Council Member Turgay Çelik from the Professional Committee“Our Metropolitan Municipality has been dealing with many agricultural projects recently, but there are many organizations in our country that will carry out these works in agriculture. I think that the Metropolitan Municipality needs to deal with the priority problems of our city before the projects related to agriculture. Even if there is a work to be done in agriculture, it is necessary to negotiate with the expert organizations in agriculture. used expressions.

Kenan Taçyıldız, Member of the Assembly from the 29th Professional Committee, “The schools and departments that will be opened as a result of the efforts and studies of our chamber will make serious contributions to our entire city. Therefore, not only SATSO but other professional organizations should support such projects. ” he spoke.

“We are the Rooted Institution of the City”

23. Council Member Nihat Cinoğlu from the Professional Committee, Emphasizing the importance of SATSO for the city, he said: “When you remove SATSO members from the city in Sakarya, nothing remains commercially and economically in the city. As SATSO, we are the biggest civil society and also professional organization of this city. We can only solve problems about this city with a common mind. The most established institution in this city is SATSO and has a 103-year history. We need to develop very new and different methods. We trust our President Akgün Bey to the end and see that he forces every door for the benefit of the members. Without communication, there is no trust or development. ”

Cinoğlu also touched on the issue of agriculture, “We take shelter behind the promise of the road is civilization and waste our valuable land. Some industrial organizations do this in the same way. Struggling to establish a factory on productive agricultural lands. Unfortunately we are gnawing our own body. ” used expressions.

“Studies on Agriculture Should Not Be Underestimated”

Behlül Bayrak from the 31. Professional Committee“I agree that our councilors should focus on issues such as infrastructure before agriculture. However, the Metropolitan Municipality said, “We are always together with SATSO in industry, the Commodity Exchange in agriculture and our university in scientific activities. We attach great importance to the point that SATSO has brought our industry and our cooperation will continue. ” we know your understanding. We see that SERA A.Ş, FİDAN A.Ş projects have reached the final stage in the chocolate factory and purchases from hundreds of villagers in beekeeping, milk and egg activities are above market prices. We should not forget that the power of SATSO is taken seriously by all institutions. And let's not underestimate the works of our Metropolitan Municipality related to agriculture. SATSO members engaged in agriculture will take these projects even further. ” used expressions.

Nostalgic Tram Evaluation

11. Councilor Ahmet Serbes from the Professional CommitteeCommenting on the subject of the Metropolitan Municipality's Nostalgic Tram Project, “It became clear that there will be a problem that will not be compensated when a pickaxe is hit on the street. We did not want this to happen. We would like to thank our managers who listened to us with the great contributions of our Akgün President. They made very good decisions in the council of our Metropolitan Municipality and stated that they take the main problems of the city to the fore and take the tram project to the background. Tradesmen have experienced a very difficult process during the pandemic process. This tram issue should not be brought up again if possible. ” said.

"If Tramway Will Not Develop Trade ..."

6. Assembly Member Enes Akcan from the Professional Committee“Streets are the symbol of a city and our tradesmen operating on these streets are the brand value of that city. The number of people increased rapidly after the wheel road was closed to vehicle traffic in 2002, but there is the fact that the turnover of the tradesmen on the street did not increase at the same rate. This only causes the costs of the tradesmen on the streets to increase. The street seems to have increased in value due to the very human circulation, but trades cannot grow at the same rate. Our Metropolitan Mayor wants to realize a tram project in good faith. However, it is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of this project thoroughly. We are constantly saying that the street has a much bigger parking problem. We have priority problems. We can do the tram and catch a visual beauty, but I think that if this beauty will not develop trade, it should be reconsidered. ” used expressions.

Mayor Altuğ: “Our Members' Interest is Our Priority”

In the last part of the regular assembly meeting of June, SATSO Chairman A. Akgün Altuğ, who made evaluations about the speeches and opinions of the members of the assembly, informed that the Turkish Red Crescent will be a training center work in the new service buildings within the scope of the One Stop Office project.

Mayor Altuğ also stated that the establishment plan and project works of Sera OSB were shared with the Metropolitan Municipality and Akyazı Municipality. stated that they received the knowledge that they will realize.

Expressing that they attach importance to corporate communication and the continuity of this communication as SATSO, Mayor Altuğ emphasized that they make serious efforts to contact the institutions in every matter that has the interests and demands of the members. He underlined that every institution should show the same dedication in this regard.

In his speech, President Altuğ said: “We, as the representatives of the business world and the biggest non-governmental organization and professional organization of this city, have sufficient experience on some issues. We know how we can open doors that don't open, and we open doors that don't open. Let us be embarrassed, who do not open the doors. Our priority is the benefit of our members. If any institution in the city touches the interests of our members, I will stand before anyone else. ” said.

Touching on the issue of Nostalgic Tram, prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Altuğ said, “All our members of trade that we talked about on Çark Avenue are for not making the Nostalgic Tram. We cannot take a warm look at a project that our members are not satisfied with. My only sine qua non is the benefit of SATSO members. Of course we have responsibilities against our city. We have always been aware of this responsibility. We support all the works that will be useful in the name of the city until the end. He used his expressions.

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