SARB-83 Aircraft Bomb Test Successfully Passed

sarb plane bomb test passed successfully
sarb plane bomb test passed successfully

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the SARB-83, designed as a concrete piercing ammunition and with warhead technology, passed the test by signing firsts.

Varank also included a video on the test image in his post on his Twitter account. Stressing that the SARB's first signature 83-throwing Varank passed the test, "live ammunition was tested with successive piercing technology for the first time in Turkey. Thanks to the HABRAS infrastructure, it is now possible to test hidden ammunition projects at low costs in a short time. ” used expressions.


SARB-83 is a concrete piercing ammunition developed by TÜBİTAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) for use against ground and underground targets, with Warhead Cap (ADHB) technology. The outer geometry, guidance kit interfaces, mass, center of mass and inertial properties of the SARB-83 are similar to the MK-1000 General Purpose Grenade (GMB) weighing 415 lb (83 kg). SARB-83, which is one of the new generation ammunition that can be used with thermobaric explosives with its pre-piercing warhead feature, has been developed for priority targets such as caves, runways, hangars, bunkers, dams. SARB-83 is an aircraft ammunition capable of drilling 1,8 meters of concrete and capable of destroying those inside.

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