Covid-19 Call from the Ministry of Industry and Technology to OIZs

Covid caGRY to OSBs
Covid caGRY to OSBs

Ministry of Industry and Technology, organized industrial zones (OSB) support to "Measure Buy, Protect Employees, Production Continues - TÜRKİYEM entitled" prepared public spot. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, in his post on social media, said, “We are taking the steps that will add strength to the power of industry, the locomotive of our economy, with the vision of #MilliTechnology. Measures taken, to protect the employees, continued to generation, Turkey. " used expressions.

In the written statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that programs that will reduce the dependency of imports and increase the competitiveness of the industry sector, which is the locomotive of the country's economy, were implemented.

Pointing out that the idea of ​​being local and national in industry and production is at the forefront of the Ministry's strategies, the following were noted:

“Our view of our domestic and national industry is the most concrete expression of this. Our support and projects are continuing in terms of contribution to the enterprises located in the organized industrial zones of our ministry. Organized Industrial Zone In this context, top Organization (OSBÜK) and in the world made joint efforts result in our country and experienced Kovid-19 pandemic period in the economic process, 'Measure Buy, Protect Employees, Production Continues - TURKEY I titled public spotlight has been approved by prepared and the RTÜK. "

In the statement, the public spot in question www.rtü is It was reported that it was added to the “spot films-public spot” section on the internet address and a link was sent to be broadcast on televisions.


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