Railway Memories: 'Carrom Fear'

railroad memories fear of carrom
railroad memories fear of carrom

I cannot forget the danger of Carrom that I experienced in my Izmir Blue Train Service, and I still have that fear as I think of it. God bless us all from all kinds of accidents, I hope.

I think it was the beginning of 1985, it had been a few months since he started to work as a responsible Machinist by taking the outline mechanic certificate, we were heading to Izmir at around 00:30 with a 24000 locomotive at DE. Kütahya Garda Chief Machinist The late İsmail Usta also came with us. At Köprüören station, we had a transfer train (Meeting) and we were sent to the next Güzelyurt Station by taking a model (Meeting Transfer) because the freight train was toxic.

We reached 5-6 km from Köprüören station and reached the livre speed of 2-3 km. He was coming towards us by making a Projector flood in the curvature (bend) away. I immediately grabbed the serial brake and grabbed the Mawski by opening the rear marquise (Machinist's Cabinet) door, shouting, “GOOD INSIDE CARAMBOL,” I was looking at the slowdown of the Train and whether the oncoming light was approaching while observing a flat place.

When I felt that our train was slowing down and I saw a flat place, I was going to jump right in. The master mechanic Ismail master pulled me back by holding two wrists saying "STOP JUMPING IS NOT TRAIN", meanwhile, our train also stopped. İsmail Usta made me sit on the couch, but we were shocked by fear, my feet were shaking. The Train Chief came to our side and said, "GET PAST, MASTERS NO, YOU HAVE STOPED WITH SERIAL BRAKES". I had a hard time talking, but Ismail briefly explained the situation to the Train Chief. The Train Chief provided us with water and made us calm. We thought we were going to carrom by thinking that the freight train we were going to meet was coming. It turned out that the kurpta was the tractor that came from the village road parallel to the Railway. We would not be afraid and fall into this situation if he came without doing the seller.

İsmail Usta meanwhile swore at the Tractor. When I was about to continue our journey by coming to ourselves a little, I realized that there was no assistant mechanic and I asked him, "Where is Ayhan?" It turns out that when I said “I have a lot of carom”, he escaped to the back room. When we looked at the light of the sofaj compartment, Ayhan was trying to protect his head with his hands, and he sat down in front of his closet in the role. He was still looking at us that could not survive the shock. I shook himself, "Ayhan, Ayhan", but he was still staring at us with empty eyes, making no sound. When İsmail Usta was an experienced, old-minded person, he spilled water on the face of Ayhan and slapped him, we started to continue on our way with us.

İsmail Usta was trying to get Ayhan to speak to him. As we did not have a livre stance at the beautiful dormitory station, we stopped at the scissors in accordance with the instructions. “You are late, my feet are frozen while waiting, no,” said Makasci friend. We could not tell the incident, of course, we passed by saying nothing. We found a valid Reason in accordance with the Navigation Expedition Interval and printed it on Föydömarş (Train Model of the Train). Meanwhile, we lost our brother Ayhan later in a traffic accident. I remember the place with heaven.

In our railroad life, there have been many sad events, real caromars or accidents from the very beginning of Train personnel, these are never forgotten. As railroaders, we have friends who are injured, injured and martyred in such incidents. I commemorate all our Railway Martyrs with mercy, and wish our working friends a safe and harmless journey.

Yusuf SÜNBÜL Retired Machinist

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  1. Machinists, train chiefs, conductors. Interesting memories of active staffs, such as vagon technicians, should be written and booked. The difficult and pleasant aspects of special difficult tasks are not known. Your duty was as blessed and important as a guardian or a surgeon who is on duty at the limit ... Your services are just conscientious peace.