Automotive Sector Will Succeed From The Negativity of Pandemic Process

automotive industry will succeed in avoiding the negativity of the pandemic process
automotive industry will succeed in avoiding the negativity of the pandemic process

Aston Martin Turkey distributor D & D Motor Vehicles Chairman Nevzat Kaya "We have successfully exited several exams in recent years as Turkey and I strongly believe that we will overcome the negative effects of the pandemic process in the least amount of damage," while Yeniköy Motors and said Aston Martin that they continue to make investments as Turkey family.

The pandemic process has negatively affected the automotive sector, like many other sectors. The corona virus outbreak shook the industry in all areas from production to sales, from the second hand market to after sales, and forced change. Especially starting from mid-February until the end of April, the production stopped all over the world, sales to come to a standstill, and the postponement of the service services unless forced, forced all the companies in the automotive sector in an economic sense.

Nevzat Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of D&D Motor Vehicles, distributor of Aston Martin Turkey, said, “As Yeniköy Motors and Aston Martin Turkey family, we continue our growth-oriented activities by working harder than ever before and not interrupting our investments, while protecting the safety and health of our employees and customers, on the other hand. We took every precaution we could," he says. Saying, "As a company that was established in 1991 and has established a bond of honesty and sincerity with its customers for 29 years, we have done our part properly", Kaya said, "With the normalization process, we have gained momentum. kazanmoment talked about the industry.

Mobility Has Begun in Both Sales and Service

Aston Martin Turkey distributor D & D Motor Vehicles Chairman Nevzat Kaya, from mid-May in both sales as well as the start of a serious movement in the service area while emphasizing the work of the last was quickly underlined the continued:

“The postponed purchasing demands intensified with the normalization steps that the factories interrupted production. Therefore, it is a difficult time to find a vehicle in the market… Some of our customers, who are afraid of air travel, have turned to vehicles in the SUV segment, where they can travel long and comfortably. Of course, the movement after normalization in sports cars for individual use is not at a considerable level. Aston Martin Turkey's 6-week period in May-June, two 0 km, including 7 vehicles available Our sales ... in this success, as the trust we have built over the years as the Aston Martin Lagonda 50 percent advance with the support of Finance, the remaining 50 percent of the 36 month-term sales of our campaign in the support is great. In addition, 0 KM free maintenance for 5 years in Aston Martin and our customers have the right to extend the warranty until the age of 15, as a proof that Aston Martin Lagonda LTD, that is, the factory is behind the vehicles. While we sell vehicles, we promise to take back their vehicles in value in a way that no other competitor in our class has ever done or could do. ”

Aston Martin Philosophy

Nevzat Kaya, who said “As long as our customers get their vehicles serviced and repaired on time and correctly, we promise to get their vehicles back for value,” explained the philosophy of Aston Martin as follows:

“Because of the high tax rates, the cost of a second hand vehicle between the ages of 0-5 is at least twice the pre-tax cost of a supercar, none of our competitors. However, our policy is to make friends that we will build a relationship based on honesty and sincerity for years, not a customer that will sell cars and turn us around. We have always seen the benefit of this in the long term and I hope that we will continue to see it. ”

Aston Martin DBX Year finished the first SUV in Turkey

"The technological SUV" which is defined as the Aston Martin SUV models produced for the first time in the history of the dbx-testing tool comes to Turkey Branch in August. Users will be able to experience this state-of-the-art model as soon as possible; they may even have DBX before the year is over. In the last quarter of 2020 to be in Turkey are expected to dbx dbx; Arizona Bronze, Magnetic Silver, Minotaur Green, Onyx Black, Satin Silver Bronze, Stratus White, will replace the Xenon Gray color options Istanbul and Aston in Izmir Martin showroom in Aston Martin Another gospel of Turkey.

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