Covid 19 Antibody Tests in OSB and Industrial Plants Started in Bursa

Covid antibody tests started at the OSB and industrial facilities in Bursa
Covid antibody tests started at the OSB and industrial facilities in Bursa

Turkey production and export base of the economy Bursa, a new type of coronavirus field all the world under the influence (Covidien-19) on antibody tests for those working in the industry due to the outbreak of the OSB plant and was among the leading provinces. Antibody tests carried out under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Technology under the coordination of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) began to be implemented in line with the demands of the OIZs and industrial facilities in Bursa.

BTSO, the roof organization of the Bursa business world, continues its efforts against the coronavirus epidemic. Aiming at a new, normally sustainable and healthy production, BTSO has taken an important step for coronavirus screening of employees. Launching antibody tests in industrial facilities with OIZs in Bursa, BTSO made Bursa one of the leading provinces in this field.


The tests were first started at the Beyçelik Gestamp firm located in Demirtaş OSB. A total of 400 workers received antibody testing. As a result of the antibody test, it will be determined that the person has suffered from coronavirus or has had the disease before. PCR test will be applied to detected cases later. The tests will be carried out in line with the demands of the OIZs and industrial facilities in Bursa.


İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of BTSO Board of Directors, said that as the Chamber, they make great efforts to ensure that companies are least affected by the epidemic process. Stating that they have implemented many applications at the safe production point since the first day of the epidemic, President Burkay stated that Bursa is one of the provinces that has implemented antibody screening tests for employees during the COVID-19 process for the first time in Turkey. Stating that the tests started in the OIZs and industrial facilities in the application, which was initiated with the intense initiatives of BTSO, President Burkay said, “Sampling is carried out on-site in order not to interrupt the production. One of the leading provinces in normalization will be Bursa, the production power of our country. In this sense, these antibody tests performed on our employees will provide very serious support for the transition of our Turkish economy to the new normal and the new economy. We have a total of 17 thousand employees in 240 OIZs in Bursa. While we start the treatment processes of our employees whose test results are positive, we aim to ensure that the negative ones continue their production in a positive manner. In this way, we will be able to overcome this process without decreasing the production performance in the workplaces. The biggest feature of antibody tests is immunity to disease. kazanTo distinguish between those who have had the disease and those who have had the disease. We will continue our efforts not to reduce the production speed of our companies during the COVID-19 epidemic, when the whole world puts a big test.” said.


Stating that Bursa is an exporter city, Mayor Burkay said, “Last year we exported 16 billion dollars. Although we made a very good start to exports this year, we felt the negative effects of coronavirus in April and May. With normalization, the wheels started to return in production. God willing, we believe that the 3rd and 4th quarter with Bursa and Turkey's recapture their former export figures. The antibody tests we have implemented with the support of our Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Technology will also allow production to continue safely. The most important driving force of our country's economy with the transition to the new normal is undoubtedly Bursa again. ” used expressions.


Beyçelik Holding CEO Baran Çelik said that the worst period is now over in the coronavirus process. Expressing that they started production again with the normalization, Baran Çelik said that they reached a capacity of 60-70 percent as of mid-June. Stating that they continue to prioritize worker health and safety while normalizing, Çelik said, “With the collaboration of our Ministry of Health and BTSO, we started to conduct antibody tests for our employees. We will determine whether our personnel in our factory have had a coronavirus and their level of immunity. ” said.


Bursa Provincial Health Manager Uzm. Dr. Halim Ömer Kaşıkçı said that the main purpose of the companies to maintain production in a healthy way is. Stating that they are in continuous cooperation with BTSO for this purpose, Kaşıkçı said, “In this period, we are trying to minimize all kinds of risks in factories. Today we started making antibody tests. The PCR test, which is widely known in the community, is not a screening test, but a diagnostic test. The actual screening test is the antibody test that we started applying today. With these tests, we will also measure the immunity at the production sites. ” said. Expressing that they will continue to take all measures regarding occupational health and safety, Halim Ömer Kaşıkçı added that the demands of the workplaces will determine the target in the number of tests.

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