Operating Room Hygiene for Buses in Izmir

operating room hygiene to buses in izmir
operating room hygiene to buses in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a project that will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in public transportation vehicles for trial purposes. Air purification devices with hepa filters and UV rays used in the operating rooms were installed in three buses in Izmir for the first time in the world. It is planned to be expanded if the pilot application is efficient.

The “project for continuous air sterilization in buses” launched by the ESHOT General Directorate of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality approximately two years ago was launched in the days of combating the coronavirus epidemic. The new devices with the features of UV light and hepa filter air cleaning devices used in hospitals were produced for the first time in the world by a company from Izmir. The first three devices, which were tested and ready to use, were mounted on three buses in the workshops of ESHOT General Directorate. The buses on the bus terminal 302, Bus Station-Konak, Bozyaka-Lausanne Square, and Gaziemir-Lausanne Square, numbered 680, which serve especially on the hospital routes, and started to serve İzmir residents.

“It will filter the ambient air in itself”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that the importance of hygiene and air exchange is understood better with the coronavirus epidemic. Stating that three devices mounted on buses have clean and replaceable high efficiency filters, Soyer said, “The devices will filter the ambient air in itself and sterilize it with UV rays. The air drawn from the environment will be cleaned from harmful factors and returned to the environment. This process will continue as the tools run. Thus, passengers will constantly breathe sterile and fresh air. ”

Noting that the efficiency of the device will be measured by scientific methods, President Soyer also stated that if the pilot application is successful, it can be expanded first in buses and other public transportation vehicles in the city in the process.

"Harmful substances will be imprisoned on the device"

Esrefpaşa Municipal Hospital, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Dr. who has been actively supporting the development of the project for two years. Hüseyin Tarakçı stated that the use of the device that provides high hygiene in hospitals, operating theaters and buses is the first in the world, saying: “Public transportation vehicles are the places where people come in close contact. Hygiene in buses became even more priority during the coronavirus epidemic period. Even an infected passenger getting on public transportation may cause healthy people to become sick because they are in close contact with people. ”

Stating that there are bacteria, viruses that can be transported with small droplets, dust, and these can travel in the air very easily, Tarakçı said, “The aim is to increase the quality of the air in the environment. The air circulating in the vehicle will pass through the filters inside this device. This includes dust filters, carbon, pollen, hepa filters. With the help of these filters, harmful substances in the air that can be suspended will be imprisoned in the device and will give out fresh air. ”

Safe travel will be provided

Görkem Kurttekin, one of the passengers, stated that the application is extremely good and that no matter how much they try to protect themselves, there may be problems in public transportation and they have a safe journey with this system.
Arif Ersoy, who uses public transportation, said, “There are chronic ailments. I do not leave the house, but I use public transport to go to the hospital. But anxiety occurs during this time. With this system, we feel safe. Disinfection processes should not be left to the citizen only. I wish this system was expanded. ”

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