70% of OMÜ Kurupelit Campus Bicycle Road is Completed

Omu kurupelit campus cycle path is completed on the face
Omu kurupelit campus cycle path is completed on the face

The Traffic Board, which belongs to Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ), Secretary General Assoc. Dr. After the meeting, chaired by Menderes Kabadayı, he made examinations in the field.

University Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Menderes Kabadayı was accompanied by Barış Alkur, Deputy Head of Construction and Technical Affairs and members of the Traffic Board and engineers responsible for the project.

The developed project; for comfortable and safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic

On the campus tour, Secretary General Assoc. Dr. The rowdy and the accompanying Traffic Board members; They shared their ideas and opinions by observing and evaluating the stages of the project, which was developed for the comfortable and safe operation of vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout Kurupelit Campus, which is located in OMU's central campus. In this context, speed limitations on campus, measures regarding transportation and pedestrian safety, traffic signs and points to be improved were reviewed.

70 percent of the campus bike path is completed

During the field trip, the work of the "bicycle path", whose construction has reached the level of 70 percent and which will cross the entire campus when it is completed, was followed, while the General Secretary Kabadayı visited the employees who were involved in painting the road for a while. sohbet and listened to their suggestions and demands.



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