School Road was like the Bridge of Sirat

the path of oul was like the bridge of sirat
the path of oul was like the bridge of sirat

In Ordu, the wooden bridge suffering, which has been in use for about 40 years and is in danger of collapsing because of rotting, ends. The study was initiated in order to pass the dangerous wooden bridge, which students had to use when going to school, with large baks.

The dangerous journey of students who connect Ordu's Çaybaşı Taşkesiği and Ünye Pelitliyatak Neighborhoods, who have to go to school by crossing the wooden bridge over the stream ends. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started to work to replace the wooden bridge with large baks.

The residents of Çaybaşı Taşkesiği Mahallesi, Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for the reconstruction of the bridge, which is made with wood under primitive conditions and which is in great danger, Ünye Pelitliyatak Mahallesi. He asked for help from Mehmet Hilmi Güler. Noting the demands of the residents of the neighborhood, Mayor Güler gave instructions to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Bülent Şişman, Deputy Secretary General of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who made examinations on the wooden bridge over the creek in Çaybaşı District Taşkesiği District, said that the works will be completed in a week. Stating that all preparations are made for a safe passage over the stream, Şişman said, “We are starting the work with the instructions of our president. We will solve both the pedestrian and vehicle passage in one move, together with the big stays that we will pass over the stream. ”


Duran Karayiğit, Headman of Taşkesiği District, said, “Our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. I thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler. This bridge was the problem of years. Our children were in our hearts on their way to school. They had to go over the bridge that we made in the rain and snow in this makeshift bridge. When we conveyed the problem to our president, he instructed that it be resolved immediately. Thanks, they announced that it would be resolved within a week. I offer my thanks on behalf of our residents, "he said.


Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler announced the good news on his social media account. President Güler made the following statements in his statement; “The wooden bridge used by students and citizens in the Çaybaşı Taşkesiği neighborhood and you can see in the photo was dangerous. At the request of the residents of the neighborhood, we immediately started work. We will provide a safe transportation by ensuring the passage on the stream with large bridges. There is no excuse, there is a solution "

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