Domestic Synthesis Drug Developed Against Covid-19

A native synthesis drug was developed against covid
A native synthesis drug was developed against covid

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced by Turkey and TUBITAK-19 Platform Covidien roof under which scientists named Favipirav drug synthesis developed by indigenous showcased. Istanbul Medipol University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. The first sample of the local synthesis drug, which was synthesized and licensed by Atabay Chemical Company with Mustafa Güzel and his team, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank'presented to. Minister Varank, "We have produced a very important medicine developed with our own synthesis, locally and nationally. The fact that it has reached the licensing stage is both happy and proud for us. ” said. Domestic synthesis Favipiravir is planned to be used in treatment and exported after completion of the registration phase of the drug.

A new success story was written after the domestic intensive care respirator, which was produced by Turkish engineers at a record rate and exported to the world. With the cooperation of Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Health, TÜBİTAK, Istanbul Medipol University and Atabay İlaç; Local synthesis of the drug called Favipiravir, which is used in the treatment of Covid-19 and gives effective results, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Güzel and Zeynep Atabay Taşkent'It was produced by a team of 32 under the coordination of in as short as 40 days.

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty Member who developed the local synthesis drug Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Güzel and Atabay Kimya, which brought the medicine to the industry level'Zeynep Atabay Taşkent, President of TÜBİTAK Dr. He visited Minister Varank with Hasan Mandal. The delegation presented the first sample of the local synthesis drug in the licensing phase to Minister Varank. Thus, the local synthesis, announced by President Erdogan and planned to be used in treatments against Covid-19, was launched. Making a statement after the visit, Minister Varank made the following assessments:

EXPORT OPPORTUNITY: Our scientists developed the local synthesis of the Favipiravir drug, which Turkish doctors use very successfully in the treatment of Covid -19 disease, under the leadership of our teacher Mustafa Güzel from Istanbul Medipol University. Atabay İlaç company also used its infrastructure for the commercialization of this product. We have produced a very important medicine developed with our own synthesis, locally and nationally. This has a licensing phase. Our Health Minister also said at the cabinet meeting that he gave instructions for the immediate registration of these drugs. When the process is completed quickly, we have developed and we produce our own synthesis we can use our own medicine both in Turkey will be able to export both.

HAPPINESS AND PRIDE: This outbreak, the more you enter into the borders of Turkey headed by TUBITAK Turkey have created the Covidien-19 platform. This platform with Turkey'We planned to ensure coordination at the level of basic research in. Under the roof of the platform, 17 projects are carried out, some as vaccines and some as drug development projects. The local synthesis of Favipiravir drug project was one of the projects we worked on in this title. It is both happiness and pride for us that we have achieved a result here and that it has reached the industry level and the licensing stage.

WE WILL SIGN THE LEADING WORKS: Covidien-19 hope to receive as a result of all the projects under the umbrella of Turkey Platform. We believe that we will achieve pioneering works in the world. When the basic research is completed, we will deliver those projects that need clinical studies to our Ministry of Health. TÜSEB (Turkey Presidency Institutes of Health) and their works will be completed and clinical trials to cure the world of science we have signed with our people.

NATIONAL MOBILITY SPIRIT: The local intensive care breathing apparatus was also born from a need. We have a very strong health infrastructure that we have built in 18 years. Although we have a strong infrastructure in terms of both the number of intensive care beds and device equipment 'Turkey should produce its own this way the domestic breathing apparatus 'national mobilizationWe produced by coming together with the soul. We introduced both to our country and to the world. We can export. Vaccination and pharmaceutical projects were reflected to the public as the sacrifice of our scientists and the jobs supported by our state with the spirit of national mobilization.


Istanbul Medipol University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Güzel, stating that they have realized the local drug development project with the cooperation of industry and university, "We developed a product with our domestic facilities. I hope to be able to do more technological projects that will increase our domestic and national resources in medicine and carry us to the champions league. ” said. Noting that they started working about 5-6 weeks ago, Assoc. Güzel said, “Believe me, I did not think it could happen so quickly, but with a national mobilization, everyone was clamped together. We did it with the team spirit. ” he spoke. Noting that the beautiful, synthesized Favipiravir drug has been treated effectively even in patients with a fever, "There are 3-4 drugs that have come to the fore in treatment around the world. It's a medicine that we know is effective. ” said.


Zeynep Atabay, Atabay Chemical Industry Board Member, underlined that they are 80 years old company and said:

We have been producing pharmaceutical raw materials for 40 years. one hundred'We produced close to raw materials. We also export them. As a company that has become prominent in the local synthesis of Oseltamivir Antiviral drug, the effect of which is known for the treatment of inluenza, we have begun the cooperation of Mustafa Güzel Hodja from Medipol University, to synthesize drugs that may be effective against Covid-19 virus. Thanks to our industrial raw material synthesis infrastructure and our finished product production infrastructure, we started working with our teacher very quickly. TUBITAK support gave us strength and speeded us up.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in a statement after the last cabinet meeting, "Covidien our doctors treat the disease effectively in the 19-is that drug use is Favipirav TUBITAK-19 Covidien employees under the umbrella of Turkey Platform scientists succeeded in producing our own synthesis. " used expressions.

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