Ministry Updated Outbreak Management and Work Guide

ministry updated epidemic management and work guide
ministry updated epidemic management and work guide

'Outbreak Management and Work Guide' was updated by the Ministry of Health and new titles were added. Accordingly, it was stated that the social distance rule, which is at least 1 meter, should be followed while providing service in the beach and sea swimming areas, and the distance between the sunbeds should be at least 1,5 meters. In addition, measures to be applied on intercity trips were also addressed in the guide.

According to the statement made by the Ministry, the 'Outbreak Management and Working Guide' was updated and the title 'measures to be taken in minibuses' was revised with its contents as' minibuses, minibuses, public buses, municipal buses.

To the guide, the titles 'sports halls and sports centers', 'coffee-coffeehouses', 'road transport, rail transport, sea passenger transport', 'site pools', 'beach and swimming areas' and 'measures to be taken in libraries' were added.

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