Ministry Announces Normalization Measures for Child Services

ministry announces normalization measures for child services
ministry announces normalization measures for child services

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services took the first normalization steps in the field of child services. Priority was given to bringing children together with their families and relatives. Protected children will be able to meet with their families and relatives as of 15 June in their normalization efforts.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services has decided to carry out normalization work on family-oriented services for our childcare organizations and children.

Accordingly, as of June 15, the social examination processes for the Foster Family, Adoption and SED applications will begin. Children who benefit from family-oriented services (foster family, adoption, SED etc.) will also be watched by the family.

Starting from June 15, matching foster families and children will start. Also, from this date, the situation of the children inside and outside the province will be evaluated. Children will be able to go to their relatives on leave and return to the family will begin.

Children Will Begin Socializing From July 1st

Starting from 1 July, Foster Family Education Programs will start. Also from this date, children will be able to participate in social, cultural, sports and camping events. The children can also be visited by their relatives from 1 July.

On the other hand, periodic health and fever control of children and staff will continue throughout the day. Isolation and quarantine implementation will continue in my stance if there are children or personnel showing symptoms of the disease. While the quarantine / isolated units with emergency response teams created due to pandemic continue to serve, special measures taken for children with chronic diseases will continue. In the same way, the health checks of the newly admitted children will be made. Incoming to the organization; Children who come back from their tracks will be able to return to their rooms after being kept under observation for 7 days. The group work carried out within the scope of the Child Support Development and Education Program (ÇODEP) and ANKA Child Support Program will be carried out in accordance with the COVID measures.

Disinfection and Hygiene Application Will Continue

Education, health, etc. of children. The needs of external needs of the organization will be met by complying with the rules set by the relevant institutions.

Children who will take LGS or YKS exams will be supported psychosocially and will be informed about the exam measures.

The 19 rules against the risk of the Ministry of Health COVID-14 will continue to be applied, while attention will be paid to mask, social distance and cleaning rules. Facilities will be regularly disinfected and periodic cleaning of common areas and vehicles will be carried out.

You will be regularly informed about the pandemic.

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