Minister Selçuk: '8 thousand 610 is on Drug Reimbursement List'

A thousand medicines on the payback list
A thousand medicines on the payback list

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that a total of 6.653 medicines are on the reimbursement list, including 1.957 domestic and 8.610 imported. Minister Selçuk shared that 58 of these drugs are biosimilars, 205 are biotechnological drugs and 738 are drugs used in cancer treatment.

Stating that a total of 2019 licensed drugs, including 435 in 2020 and 201 in 636, were included in the reimbursement list, Minister Selçuk stated that 513 of these drugs were manufactured and 123 were imported, while 52 drugs were used in cancer treatment.

Minister Selçuk also shared information on the Overseas Drug Price List under the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT). Selçuk stated that a total of 2019 medicines were added to the reimbursement list, 32 in 2020 and 15 in 47.

Minister Selçuk stated that currently there are 374 pesticides on the SUT Overseas Drug Price List, 74 of them are used for cancer diagnosis, and 50 drugs are biotechnological.

It was noteworthy that medicines used in the treatment of rare diseases were included in the reimbursement list. The only treatment option for the combined immunodeficiency disease, which can live up to 2 years old, is the drug included in the reimbursement list. Drugs used in the treatment of diseases seen in one million are also covered by the state.

Minister Selçuk also stated that a drug used by SMA Type-1 patients was expanded to include SMA Type-2019 and SMA Type-2 patients in February 3 and that they are one of the first two countries to receive the drug in the scope of reimbursement. Minister Selçuk stated that the use of the drug by the health committees is delivered to all patients deemed appropriate and will continue to be delivered to all patients who will need it from now on.

Pointing out that they never see the health of the citizen as a cost factor, Selçuk said, “We are working to ensure that the treatment and medicine needed by our citizens are more easily accessible. We quickly complete the evaluation process, especially in the inclusion of cancer drugs in the reimbursement list. I hope that the medicines we take on the reimbursement list will be healing for our patients and I wish our citizens a healthy life. ” said.

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