Students and Parents Moved to LGS Free of Charge in Mersin

students and parents moved to lgsye for free
students and parents moved to lgsye for free

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has been with both students and parents with the services it has implemented before passing the High School Exam (LGS), which will determine the fate of thousands of students.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to minimize the anxiety of students with the interviews and videos it has made before the exam, has received full marks from students, parents and examiners with the free transportation service it provides on the day of the exam.

Metropolitan Municipality allocated 32 buses only for the students and their parents to take the exam with the first application in the districts. Students showing the exam entry documents, examiners and parents who want to accompany their children reached the exam on time without any disruption with the transportation service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality.

32 buses in the districts are allocated only for students and their parents

Free transportation services were provided with 18 buses, 6 in Tarsus, 2 in Erdemli, 32 in Anamur and Silifke, and 130 schools. In the center, 175 buses provided service for students who took the exam in XNUMX different schools to have a comfortable journey before and after the exam.

In addition, in Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus, which will host many students to take the exam, there are 2 ring buses left until the faculty where they will take the exam.

Students took the exam and employees got to work

The Metropolitan Municipality, which also organizes additional flights to prevent the citizens working from the density of the buses that carry the students to the exam, prevented the possible disruptions in transportation with the additional 42 flights organized in 87 buses. With the buses of the Metropolitan, students went to the exam and the employees went to work.

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