Bicycle Use Widespread with KentBis in Mersin

Bicycle use in Mersin was common with kentbis
Bicycle use in Mersin was common with kentbis

In Mersin, a city that is very convenient for bicycle use with its coastline, physical conditions and climate, KentBis is the choice of citizens for transportation and touring.

The KentBis project, which was initiated under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality Park and Gardens Department, to facilitate urban transportation, to encourage citizens to play sports and to have a pleasant time, reaches more people in Mersin with its ever-growing fleet. The KentBis project, which serves 6 bicycles at 75 stations, added 85 more bicycles to its fleet. Experts recommend that the bicycle, which is very beneficial for health, be preferred especially after the pandemic process at home.

President Seçer tried new bikes that joined the fleet

Expressing that they will expand the use of bicycles at every opportunity, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer emphasized that they will open the way for Mersin residents to use bicycles in a more comfortable, safe and comfortable environment. Leading the steps in this direction, President Seçer had covered 4 kilometers of the bike path created on the coastline during the Erdemli District trip he carried out recently, by using the newly added bike to the fleet. President Seçer, who rides with the citizens, has experienced both new bikes and the new bicycle path.

KentBis is the choice of everyone

KentBis, which is the first choice of Mersin residents when they take a stroll along Adnan Menderes Beach or in close proximity, attracts great attention by everyone, young and old. In addition to 6 bicycles used in the current 75 stations, 85 new bicycles were purchased. The KentBis project reached a large fleet with 160 bikes in total with the new purchases.

KentBis, which will serve the citizens with more comfortable and useful new bicycles, has become indispensable for both low-income citizens who do not have enough budget to buy bicycles and those who do not dare to ride bicycles.

Bicycle use became widespread with KentBis

In addition to taking a tour and providing transportation with KentBis, which serves a wide audience without saying young or old, there has been an increase in the number of citizens who turn to use bicycles for health. The project surpassed many cities with its number of members. Thanks to KentBis, 25 thousand people, 20 of whom are registered and 45 of whom are using credit cards, enjoy the beaches of Mersin by bicycle, while also doing sports.

It is enough for citizens who want to use the bicycles in 6 stations to obtain the KentBis card from KentBis Smart Bicycle Center. Citizens will be able to bring their identity cards, driver's license or passport and sign their contract to KentBis Smart Bike Center located opposite the Police House.

“We have made a great contribution to the increase in bicycle use with KentBis”

KentBis responsible Murat Tunç stated that the project is an important factor in spreading the use of bicycles in Mersin and that they serve a very large audience with an appropriate rental fee of 1 TL per hour. Tunç said, “With this project, which we have realized as Metropolitan Municipality, we have contributed greatly to the increase in bicycle use. Our young people are between the ages of 18-25, but we also have 75-80 years old users. The people of Mersin claimed this project. ”

Dr. Kandemir urges citizens to ride bicycles

Doctor Serhat Kandemir, who is working in the Department of Disabled and Health Services Department, emphasized the importance of being active for a healthy and long life, and stated that the bicycle is one of the most important sports. Kandemir suggested that citizens who have been at home for a long time and remain inactive with the coronavirus process can strengthen their muscles by using bicycles. Kandemir continued as follows:

“Because it allows both physical and mental exercise, cycling is more prominent in sports than others. When you get on the bike, you can work your leg, back, waist, abdomen, arm and even neck muscles. Therefore, the dynamism of your joints increases. While cycling also increases our ability to cope with stress, it is extremely important in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Because the cancer and Alzheimer's diseases, which have increased in recent years, are a bad gift to us of the still life, that is, the car-lift duo. If you have a sleep disorder, you can comfortably fall asleep after a cycling exercise. As we sweat, we will also remove the toxic substances in our body. Since we have to keep our balance while cycling, your posture will be correct. I invite all of our Mersin citizens to practice cycling in Adnan Menderes Boulevard in exchange for a symbolic figure accompanied by the smell of sea and iodine. ”

“Nothing is more enjoyable than cycling by the beach”

Yasemin Özel, one of the citizens benefiting from KentBis, expressed his satisfaction with the project and said, “There is nothing as enjoyable as cycling on the beach. Everything is very nice, we recommend it to everyone. We would like to thank Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for providing us these opportunities. ”

Selim Arıman, who enjoyed the beach in beautiful weather with the bicycles of Metropolitan, said, “Normally we were running on the beach. We said let's ride a bike today. The weather is nice. Bicycles came out better than we expected. ”

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