Maintenance and Repair of Train Lines and Level Crossings from Mersin Metropolitan

Train lines and level crossings in Mersin, big city
Train lines and level crossings in Mersin, big city

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department crews, asphalt which continued in the city, road construction, maintenance and repair work as well as the Republic of Turkey State Railways to (TCDD), owned and Metropolitan Municipality railway line in responsibilities and level crossings in the maintenance and repair conducts studies.

Maintenance and repair works are carried out on the railways and level crossings belonging to the TCDD roads, which serve the Mersin-Adana, Mersin-İskenderun and Mersin-İslahiye regional trains.

Floor cleaning is carried out at level crossing points

The Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams, working simultaneously with the Department of Transportation, provide ease of passage by cleaning the materials such as coal, sawdust, cement pouring from heavy tonnage vehicles at level crossing points.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade teams intervened in the fire from dried grass due to the rising temperatures at the level crossings of Kavaklı and Yeni Taşkent, and put them out.

Signaling devices are maintained

In the level crossings, which are the intersection of the road traffic route and the railway, and controlled by signaling systems, signalization maintenance work is carried out regularly by the Metropolitan teams.

In order to prevent signal errors that may occur, technical maintenance of the signaling systems were carried out, while within the scope of the ongoing works, millimeter adjustments were made at the 100th year and Kavaklı level crossing points, and rail adjustments and sliding rails.

Deformed direction signs and luminous signs fixed

The deformed sign, road line, direction signs and warning signs at the 100th year level crossing points, under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, were renewed by the Traffic Services Branch Directorate and the TCDD signaling teams.

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