Kasımpaşa Overpass Opened in Menemen

Kasimpasa Top Pass
Kasimpasa Top Pass

Mustafa Özuslu, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, also attended the opening ceremony of Kasımpaşa Overpass, which was held by Menemen Municipality in Izmir. Özuslu said, "People who are full of those Republican ideals, have become the lonely people during the pandemic process."

Menemen Municipality has built a new modern overpass instead of the overpass that connects Kasımpaşa Mahallesi to the center of Menemen. The parade, which was built in accordance with the conditions of the era, was put into service with the ceremony attended by the CHP Izmir Deputy Sevda Erdan Kılıç and Kamil Okyay Sındır, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, district mayors, CHP Izmir Provincial Mayor Deniz Yücel and citizens.

"Like the Phoenix, he knew that he would be reborn from his ashes"

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Menemen Serdar Aksoy said that after the March 31 local elections, they entered into a serious study with all district mayors and Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. Aksoy gave information about the activities after he took office and said, “We have moved from a ruined municipality to a municipality that does business. Today, these projects are carried out by Menemen Municipality. The Municipality of Menemen is such a strong municipality that he knew that he would be reborn from his ashes, like a Phoenix from that ruined municipality. We are responsible for doing business. That's why we were chosen and we will continue to do business. ”

“CHP mayors did not accompany”

Mustafa Özuslu, the Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, talked about the coronavirus outbreak threatening the whole world. Özuslu said: “We had a hard few months. Maybe we will have more difficult days. people all over the world and in Turkey began to live a life with a variety of other measures. But here, Mr. Tunç Soyer, the mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality of CHP and district mayors of CHP, were on the street. They became anyone of the orphans. So why did they happen? What was Cumhuriyet? The republic was to be a loner. People who are full of those Republican ideals became the homeless people in the pandemic process. CHP mayors and CHP members did not advocate. People's municipality is now walking once and will continue on its way. ”

After the speeches, the overpass was opened. Özuslu later examined the animal shelter constructed by Menemen Municipality in Seyrek and the producer market construction in Mermerli Mahallesi.

The old overpass was built in Konak Square in 1970s by İzmir Mayor İhsan Alyanak and it was dismantled and sent to Menemen in 1993 due to the reorganization of the square.

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