Şişecam Flat Glass Achieved First Glass Export With Marmaray

sisecam flat glass was the first glass export with marmaray
sisecam flat glass was the first glass export with marmaray

The leader of Turkey's largest producer of flat glass market and Sisecam Flat Glass Europe has achieved a first in the export of glass. Şişecam Flat Glass, which makes flat glass shipment from Bilecik to Targovishte, Bulgaria using Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Pass, became the first company to export intercontinental glass using Marmaray by rail.

Operating under the Şişecam Group, the global player in the glass industry, Şişecam Flat Glass became the first company to export flat glass between Marmaray and the continent using the Marmaray Bosphorus Railway Tube Passage for its product shipment from Bilecik to Targovishte, Bulgaria.

Şişecam Flat Glass, which is one of Europe's largest and world's five largest flat glass producers, which produces in 10 different countries in the world, aims to support its exports to more than 110 countries through Marmaray transportation with the advantage of uninterrupted service and to contribute to the increase in glass exports. . Şişecam Flat Glass, which started the application processes for the size conformity and safe transportation of its products with TCDD upon the launch of trial freight transportation services in Marmaray transits as of May, received the transportation eligibility for these transitions. Railway transportation has significant advantages in terms of allowing diversification of shipping channels in exports and reducing the risk of delay in delivery.

Creates daily shipping

Business continuity is even more important kazanThe daily shipment opportunity created by rail transport stands out as a strong advantage during the global epidemic period. Şişecam Flat Glass, which has so far exported from its domestic flat glass production facilities, mainly to Bulgaria, by rail, used the railroad to supply raw materials for its Lüleburgaz production facility. Şişecam Flat Glass, which crossed the Bosphorus by rail this time using Marmaray, shortened the waiting time for deliveries in this way.

Railway transport reduces logistics costs on the one hand and allows diversification of shipping channels in export. Thus, it sometimes eliminates the risks to its deliveries on time. Diversification of logistics opportunities and cost optimization further increases the strength of the widespread sales network in Western Europe. In addition; rail transport facilitates faster and uninterrupted delivery of shipments such as products and raw materials to factories and customers. Adopting customer satisfaction and high service quality as the focus of their work, Şişecam Flat Glass continues to take steps towards perfection in this target with more innovative applications day by day.

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