Arkas Logistics Iron Silk Road from Europe to China and Turkey Marmaray with Access Service Launches

China launches the logistics behind the turkey iron silk road service
China launches the logistics behind the turkey iron silk road service

Arkas Logistics iron yolundaönc moves more ... In 2017 the BTK (Baku-Tbilisi-Kars) first railway railway line taşımasınıbaşlat Arkas Logistics, China and Turkey began European freight transport in transit with Marmaray link in the Iron Silk Road.

The Marmaray rail at the beginning of the Sino-European transport corridors with the start of intercontinental freight Arkas Logistics, 18 days for transit cargo is carried from China to Turkey and from Turkey Marmaray link with Europe. The frequency of the service, which is planned to be done once a week, will be increased depending on the potential. The service is expected to contribute to the increase and acceleration of exports through uninterrupted line. Arkas Logistics CEO Onur Göçmez said, “The start of freight transportation in Marmaray will actually show the importance of its existence and function. It was a long-awaited industry. We are an institution that makes pioneering investments in the railway. At this point, land terminals are very critical and one of the issues of Arkas Holding is very important. Land terminals; It will ensure that the railroad, seaway and highway are combined in line logic at the same time and distributed from there. The land terminal Railport, which we started to build in Kartepe Köseköy with the partnership of Duisport as Arkas, will also be important in this respect and will be integrated into Marmaray. This contemporary requirements and appropriately supports contactless operations in terms of both logistics will allow you to have a stake in Turkey's new world, "he said.

China-Turkey transport door to door to Europe from the Iron Silk Road

The line in Arkas Logistics's iron silk road service starts from XI'AN, China. Arkas Logistics also carries out front transports up to XI'AN station in this service, which is door-to-door transportation. The line arrives from XI'AN to Kazakhstan and arrives at Aktau Port on the Caspian coast. From here, Baku, Tbilisi and Kars route reaches Turkey through. It connects to Izmit via Kars and extends to Europe following Marmaray.

He started the firsts on the railway…

Turkey with more than 700 cars in the fleet as the most important industrial cities of the container import and export to the harbor railway transportation, Arkas Logistics Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) started scheduled flights by installing the first train from Turkey Rail Line Companies She had been. Kyrgyzstan recently in which the aluminum electrical cable consisting of 30 wagons and 60 containers to Osh Arkas Logistics, thus approximately 5.500 km from the train at one time was the first export to Turkey emerged as the issuing company.

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