The Coronavirus Continues to Act

coronavirus continues to act
coronavirus continues to act

Covid-19, which has become a global epidemic by affecting the whole world, has reached a record number with its speech rate. When starting the process of normalization in Turkey planned in June, he continued to maintain its place on the agenda. The number of current cases in Turkey were found to be 187 thousand 685.

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press has issued the media card of the Coronavirus. until today before March 10, the date of the first cases seen in Turkey, according to information obtained through all the media data, Covidien continues to be the most talked-19 title of all time. According to the research made by Ajans Press and PRNet digital archive, the number of news published in the print media about Coronavirus since March 10 has reached 700 thousand, while the number of press news released with the normalization process has been recorded as 75 thousand 284.


According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from the gisanddata “COVID-19 System Science and Engineering Center (CSSE) Global Situations”, the number of people caught in coronavirus in the world was 8 million 952 thousand 428. When this figure is compared 22 days ago, it was determined that there were 1 million 6 thousand 170 cases on June 474. . May increase with data for instant, it revealed that currently the number of cases in Turkey to date is 187 685 thousand. Thus, Turkey Covidien-19 with the number of people who ranks 13th in the world, countries in the first three; It was determined as USA with 2 million 279 thousand 879, Brazil with 1 million 83 thousand 341, and Russia with 583 thousand 879. The total number of deaths in the world was recorded as 468 thousand 331.

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