Highway Guardrail Study on Keltepe Ski Center Road

guardrails on the road to keltepe ski center
guardrails on the road to keltepe ski center

Mehmet Uzun, Secretary General of the Karabük Special Provincial Administration, examined the ongoing works on site.

The construction of a “guardrail” on the road to Keltepe Ski Center was started by the Special Provincial Administration. Thus, an important step was taken to ensure safe transportation in the risky area.

Uzun said that the standards of the Keltepe Ski Center road are increasing day by day through the works carried out through the Special Administration.

General Secretary Uzun stated that the construction of the guardrails by the Karabük Special Provincial Administration on the roads that are dangerous in terms of traffic safety on the road to the Keltepe Ski Center continued as follows; “As Karabük Special Provincial Administration, we have tendered the work of guardrails for the first time in our city and work has started on the road to the Ski Center. We will carry out the guardrails at the points where there is a risk of life and property risk in the snow and ice in winter, and in rainy weather in rainy weather in winter, especially when citizens are traveling by car. As of today, 4 km of guardrails were made and a total of 7 km of work will be completed when the work is completed. In addition, our engineers control the roads, if there are places that will create problems, work will be carried out in these sections. We will continue asphalt work from where we left this year. When the asphalt work is finished, road lines will be made. ”

Our General Secretary Uzun added that the main goal here is to provide convenience to the citizens coming from outside the city and outside the city. As Karabük Special Provincial Administration, we continue our work in line with the possibilities of our state. I would like to thank Karabük Governor, Karabük Deputies and Assembly Members who always support us in providing these opportunities. ”

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