Announcement of Underpass to Gölbaşı Train Station Where Accidents Occur

lower passage to the golbasi train station where accidents occurred
lower passage to the golbasi train station where accidents occurred

An underpass will be built in the train station in Adıyaman, Gölbaşı, where mortal accidents are experienced.

The tender for the underpass to be made at the point where injured and fatal accidents occurred in the previous years at the train station in Gölbaşı district center will be held on 3 July.

Making a statement on the subject, AK Party District Chairman Hakan Toydaş said, “I would like to herald the good news that an underpass will be built into Botanic Park under the Gölbaşı Train Station, which will connect Kurugeçit District, which we see as one of the important problems of Gölbaşı, and Turan Özdemir Street in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. .

The residents of the neighborhood generally switched from the train station to the bazaar in the district center between the trains. There may be some difficulties during these transitions, it is very difficult to get there when there are trains. Reinforced concrete tender will be held on July 3 as a result of our efforts in terms of both security and elimination of these difficulties. I would like to express my gratitude to our Deputy Ahmet Aydın, İbrahim Halil Fırat, Muhammed Fatih TOPRAK, Yakup Taş, our Provincial President Mehmet Dağtekin, TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş and everyone who contributed to the tender process. he spoke.

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