Izmit Körfez Mahallesi 42 Evler Train Station Construction Continues

izmit korfez mahalle houses train station construction continues
izmit korfez mahalle houses train station construction continues

Construction work and ground improvement works of the old train station stop, which was destroyed by 42 General Directorate of Izmit Körfez District by TCDD General Directorate, are ongoing.

According to the news of Kerim Yavuz from ÖzgürKocaeli; “Adapazarı is on the line used by the suburban train that runs between Arifiye- Köseköy, Köseköy- İzmit, İzmit-Gebze and Gebze-Pendik; The station located in 42 Evler area of ​​Izmit Korfez Mahallesi was idle since it could not be used for years. When the number of lines increased after the start of High Speed ​​Train services, the station on the old line remained idle.


Gebze-Köseköy Railway 42rd and 3th line station construction infrastructure, superstructure and electrification construction tender was undertaken by Ankaralı Abu firm. The company started work at the Köseköy, İzmit 4 Evler and Gebze regions at the same time. Before the construction of the station in Izmit 42 Evler location, ground improvement was carried out. Top production works also started last month.


The coronavirus outbreak slowed down station construction. The company manager stated that they did not stop the work completely after the epidemic occurred, but they halved the staff within the scope of the measures. When the work slowed down, the completion of the station construction on time was also delayed. The company manager said, “After the normalization that started on June 1, we recalled the employees we sent for leave and started our work again. Soil improvement is over, we started the superstructure works. We will complete the 42 Evler Train Station in mid-August. ”

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