COVID-19 Resistance Action Plan from Izmir

covid resistance action plan from izmir
covid resistance action plan from izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has published a report called “COVID-19 Resistance Action Plan” due to the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world. Crisis started for the first time in Turkey Municipality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Covidien applications published in a report and action plan because they do struggle was also the first and only 19 local governments.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the Crisis Municipality practice in the scope of combating global epidemic and carried out all its activities in line with the Crisis Municipality Directive, prepared a “COVID-19 Resistance Action Plan” with the instruction of Mayor Tunç Soyer. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer underlined that local governments have very important responsibilities and the Resistance Action Plan has been prepared within the scope of this responsibility in big cities such as İzmir in the fight against the global epidemic.

“İzmir again takes a leading role”

Izmir's 4,5 million population and in many sectors being one of the leading cities, President Soyer said that pose serious risks in the rapid spread of the global epidemic "of Izmir in data released on the pandemic, the most cases and deaths occurred as the second city is in Turkey It was seen. All this increased the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality even more. ” Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, Turkey once again firsts achieved that the words of President Soyer Underlining continued: "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the city of Izmir, in the context of a pandemic as it is in many areas once again play a leading role. Turkey applied for the first time in 'Crisis municipality' and 'Resistance Action Plan', not only in Turkey, the world was a report that will serve as an example to other cities and urban management. Our Crisis Municipality and COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan shows that we are in an effort to fulfill our responsibilities towards the people of Izmir. ”

Three main topics

The COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan includes the measures taken by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality before and during the global epidemic, the work it carried out, and the plans after the pandemic. Resilience Action Plan was prepared under three main headings, with the exception of the historical perspective and good examples of the global epidemic. The first title covers preventive services of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality from past to present in order to be prepared for global epidemic, disaster and crisis situations in İzmir. The second title includes all the works carried out within the scope of the global epidemic control with the Crisis Municipality approach, and the third title includes the activities envisaged after the global epidemic has been taken under control. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to contribute to the fight against the global epidemic by presenting its action plan to the national and international public opinion.

Turkish version of the report from hereIn the English version, from here .

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