50% Rule Ended in Public Transportation in Izmir

Percentage rule in public transportation in Izmir has ended
Percentage rule in public transportation in Izmir has ended

The Provincial Hygiene Board of the Governorship of Izmir determined new rules to be followed in public transportation in line with the authority granted by the Ministry of Interior and the Science Board decisions of the Ministry of Health. More flexible new rules were introduced in place of the “50 percent passenger application” canceled by the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced with a circular it issued a while ago that it canceled the rule of transporting half the number of passengers in its public transportation vehicles; He announced that he had handed over the authority to the Provincial Sanitary Boards within the governorships. The issue that has caused controversy in İzmir for a while has been clarified with the decisions made by the Provincial Hygiene Board. The decisions taken in line with the guides prepared by the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health are as follows:

Municipal buses will be able to carry up to 1/3 of the passenger capacity, as well as one passenger per seat. Two people in four-seat seats will sit crosswise. In Metro, Tram and İZBAN vehicles, one passenger can sit on each seat. Two people will sit crosswise in the four-seat. Half of the standing passenger capacity can be taken as well. The ships will be able to carry as many passengers as possible. Cross seating on opposite seats. Social distance stickers will be affixed to the floors of all vehicles to prevent close contact of standing passengers. Vehicles cannot be ridden without a mask and cannot be traveled without a mask.

Driver will be able to call the police

The board also ruled that the driver could call law enforcement officers if the passenger insistently wanted to ride if the vehicle capacity was full. It has been decided to take action on those who do not comply with the decisions taken, in accordance with the relevant articles of the law, in particular with the administrative fine, in accordance with Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law. Regarding criminal behavior, the necessary judicial proceedings will also be initiated under Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code.

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