Metro and Tram Cars are Disinfected 491 Times a Day in Izmir

metro and tram wagons are disinfected once a day in izmir
metro and tram wagons are disinfected once a day in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the measures especially for public transportation in the fight against coronavirus. The metro and tram wagons, which make 491 flights a day, are disinfected after each time. ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses, İZDENİZ ships and transfer centers are regularly sprayed and cleaned against viruses.

Turkey, koronavirüsl continued to struggle with normalization steps, the number of boarding done well to all public transportation in Izmir has reached 800 thousand per day. However, many experts, especially members of the Presidency Science Board, are of the opinion that the measures should not be left completely. Implementing the 'crisis municipalism' practice with the coronavirus process, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality intensified the cleaning and disinfection processes in public transportation vehicles with the aim of keeping the risk of contamination to a minimum during these days when the warnings of “attention to the second stage in the epidemic” intensified.

Every time like "first time"

İzmir Metro A.Ş. started to disinfect the metro and tram wagons, which have a total of 491 flights per day, after each time. Specially equipped personnel entering the wagons with the arrival of the passengers are spraying water-based disinfection fluid that does not harm human health at every point. Thus, the metro and tram cars come out "cleanly like every time" every time. There are also posters and warning texts on all metro stations, tram stops, escalators, elevators and digital screens that contain social distance and personal hygiene rules. At the stations, stops and escalators, yellow dots are attached to the floors indicating the places to stop to maintain social distance.

Regular cleaning continues

ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses and İZDENİZ ships are cleaned in detail after the expiration of the voyages every day and they are cleaned from viruses with certified disinfection fluid that does not cause health damage. Disinfection teams under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Environmental Protection Control Department continue their disinfection regularly at the transfer centers used by tens of thousands of citizens every day.


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